Geek Girl Brunch Newport News Launch & Fandom Mash-up Brunch!

Geek Girl Brunch Newport News Launch & Fandom Mash-up Brunch!

June 24th, 2018  saw the official launch of Geek Girl Brunch’s new chapter, Newport News, Virginia, with 8 members in attendance.

What was the theme for this Inaugural brunch? What better way for a group of new brunchettes to get to know each other, than by highlighting everyone’s favorite fandoms with a Fandom Mash-up! When fandoms collide.

Brunch was held at Juan’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in Newport News, Virginia. A lovely selection of flavorful dishes were served, including one massive glass of Horchata!

Avocado toast, hash browns, eggs of choice, and bacon. (Delish)
No mug of ale stands a chance against this MASSIVE glass of Horchata!

Brunchettes arrived promptly, donning their geeky gear, and name tags.  After ordering savory noms, each brunchette took a moment to introduce themselves while  waiting for the food to arrive. Brunchettes introduced themselves  round-robin style , with a quick set of hellos and sharing of geeky interests.


Chapter officer Jennifer provided swag bags for each lady, representing an eclectic fandom mash up. Inside were earrings she had created herself, an enchanted rose, marvel stickers, gaming die, a Wonder Woman pen, and a handmade nerdy sugar cookie.

Through a  fun round of ice breaker questions, geek style, the brunchettes discovered new things about each other.  Brunch business was discussed, and drew to a close with a raffle, allowing each of the ladies to go home with an additional gift!

Raffle prizes included a Stranger Things Eggo waffle car freshener, a LOTR movie book, a Disney tsum tsum bag, an Incredibles 2 movie poster, a copy of A Wrinkle in Time, and a Star Wars journal. Chapter officer Jessica scored a set of original art donated by Wine and Design Oyster Point.

Brunchettes and their raffle prizes!

Lastly, with the release of Ant Man and The Wasp in July, it was decided that next month’s brunch will be an all-encompassing Marvel theme. Everyone left full, and happy, ready to enjoy the rest of their Sunday!

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