GGB Ft. Lauderdale – Anime and Kawaii Madness Brunch

GGB Ft. Lauderdale – Anime and Kawaii Madness Brunch

April with GGB Fort Lauderdale means Anime & Kawaii Madness in 2018. If a picture is worth a thousand words then the pics from our brunch this month are thousands of variations of the word “cute.” The geeks of Fort Lauderdale came forth with their love of all this anime, Sanrio, Studio Ghibli, and Kawaii. This month’s brunch brought us to Shenanigan’s East Side Pub in Dania Beach.

To say that the officers went a tad overboard on getting goodies for April’s swag would be an understatement. There’s just really no end to our love of cute things and this brunch brought out the overachiever in us all. Officer Cristy crafted a Totoro and soot sprites centerpiece and a themed word search complete with character names she’d never heard of and certainly couldn’t spell. (Thankfully, she can Google it.) Officer Dani created amazing lollipop and Sanrio table-toppers. Friend-of-the-chapter and sometime-GGBFTL-brunchette, Madeline from Colorful Cute Goods dropped by with an extra raffle set right from her stock. (She didn’t realize we’d stocked up at last year’s Florida Supercon precisely for this brunch. Suffice it to say, Colorful Cute was the official/ unofficial sponsor of April’s brunch for GGBFTL).

Our brunchettes came psyched and ready to celebrate. Summer cosplayed Inu Yasha. Helen came as Princess Mononoke. Cristy donned her DIY soot sprite headband. Joelle was Little Twin Stars repping like a true 80’s kid. Sharma came Studio Ghibli-ed out complete with Kiki-style bow and anime kimono. The cuteness cannot be tamed when the Fort Lauderdale crew comes together for brunch.  Thanks again to our in-house stunning photographer, Sharma Shari Photography, we have these pics to share the experience with fellow GGB-ers.

Our goody bags were filled to the brim. We had Totoro pens, No Face bookmarks, chopsticks, anime dangler charms, Rilakkuma sticky notes, buttons of Inu Yasha and One Punch Man, stickers from Colorful Cute Goods, DIY hairties, macaroon erasers, squishy kitties, AND THOSE GIFT BAGS!!! Thanks to Officer Dani for her vision of gift bags that perfectly matched our brunch theme. Each overly-stuffed bag was tied closed with a colorful Super Mario mushroom plush charm. We overdid it on the raffle sets too! Not only did everyone win a raffle set, some people even won two!!! Raffle sets included way too  many items to list. Some had Sushi Go game packs and others had plush pillows. (We really couldn’t contain ourselves in preparing for this brunch. The cuteness just cannot be contained!).

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