Gag Me With a Spoon: GGB Baltimore Goes Back to the 80s

“Gag me with a spoon!” – Valley Girl, Frank Zappa

The ladies of GGB went totally 80s for March by taking a Goonies sized adventure back to Myth and Moonshine in Canton. Once again Myth and Moonshine did not disappoint the brunchettes, good food and good spirits all around. It was really one of the first nice days in Baltimore in a while so it was a great time to actually get out downtown.

Once again, we had a small but mighty turn out, and like our heroes in the Goonies and Stranger Things, both of which we were celebrating thanks to the amazing Sean Astin, our party was most excellent and could have taken any demogorgon with one arm tied behind our backs.

Most of the conversation drifted around the upcoming Universal Fan Con at the end of April, and the unofficial meet up with some of the GGB DC members at the after party. The official event has unfortunately been cancelled, but everyone is still welcome to come! After that the conversations drifted to the upcoming at the time Awesome Con, and we hope everyone that did attend had an amazing time. After con discussion, we shifted to some Anime and Manga discussion before finally calling an end to our little adventure. As always, and like with more 80s adventures, at least when it comes to Stranger Things, we never stayed on topic very long.

April its going to be a bit of a change up! Be sure to bring your favorite book, wrapped in nondescript brown paper (or printer paper) with a brief description written on it because we will be having our first blind date with a book brunch! At the ever so classy Emma’s Tea Spot for high tea! Be sure to check your emails because evites have been sent out!   See you on April 21st!

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