Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland – 80s Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland – 80s Brunch

This month, we celebrated our love for the 80s at 16-Bit Bar + Arcade in Lakewood, OH.

This is the third year in a row we have gone there. We usually visit them for our video game brunch, but it seemed appropriate for the 80s brunch as well. They don’t have food there, because it is strictly a bar. But, there are many food choices within walking distance, and the drinks they have on their menu are a plenty. Everyone always has fun chatting with each other, and playing games.

The only menu at 16-Bit!
A sample of the menu.
Winnie Cooper

They remodeled 16 Bit since we were last here about a year ago. By the pinball machines, they created a mural of 80s icons. And, they added more flat screen TVs to watch retro stuff on – X-Files, The Running Man, and Say Anything were just a few of the items playing around the bar. And, they had a high leader board as well. Sadly, none of our members knocked anyone out of the top stop, but it was fun.

For swag, Officer Amanda crated coasters for everyone and Officer Darlene brought 2 different kinds of 80s themed pins, and a 80s themed key chain for everyone to choose from.

There was a raffle for additional swag prizes – shirts, tee shirt iron-ons, sunglasses, bumper sticker, and so forth. Our winners for those items were: Officer Amanda, Cassie Z., Cassie S., and Jill K. We also had everyone vote for their favorite 80s costumed member. All the votes were tallied, and Alana O. and her service dog Toothless won for being Steve and a demodog from Stranger Things. They won a certificate to get into a future brunch of their choice pre-RSVP.

For more pictures from our April brunch, please click here.

Also during April, there were a number of unofficial events that occurred.

  • Game Night was held at Chandra’s house once again. The food theme this was “healthy” in honor of World Health Day.
  • The Movie Outing this month was Ready Player One.
  • The Cleveland Film Festival happened as well. A few of our members went to see a screening of the movie “Geek Girls” and meet the Director, Gina Hara at the event.
  • And, our Book Club will be meeting at the end of the month to meet and discuss Stephen and Owen King’s “Sleeping Beauties”.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at an event next month!

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