From Alias to Zenon: GGB Reno’s “Any Fandom April”

From Alias to Zenon: GGB Reno’s “Any Fandom April”

A record number of Reno geek girls met up at Napa Sonoma in South Reno for “Any Fandom April,” a brunch theme celebrating all those random fandoms that may never get their own brunch themes, but which we love all the same. Everyone went home with a random fandom goody bag, and prizes were given out to the first brunchette who mentioned each of the secret winning fandoms.

Julie “Sailor Moon is my jam” and self-professed literature (and Sailor Moon) geek Z

Julie’s major life obsession is Sailor Moon, and she loves ALL the versions. Check out her amazing cosplay! Vanessa has WAAAAY too many geek loves to count, but one of her oldest loves is watching B-movies. She grew up with MST3K and loves the YouTube series Best of the Worst on Red Letter Media. Clara came representing fans of the much-beloved classic, “The Princess Bride,” and is also a big fan of MST3K. Kayla is a huge fan of the Resident Evil game series and RWBY.

Connie loves sci-fi, and called out Babylon 5 and The Fifth Element, both of which received resounding agreements from many of us. Paola had perhaps the most interesting reason for getting into fandoms – she only becomes really obsessed if she ships characters, like Zutara in Avatar. Cathy, sporting an amazing chakram necklace, wanted to celebrate “all strong female leads who kick ass,” particularly calling out Xena as one of the first examples of this. She also won a fabulous Dark Willow jacket for mentioning Buffy! Abney is a fan of the zombie genre, and insists that as a vet, she’s the perfect zombie survivor. She’s definitely used to avoiding bites, for one thing!

Vanessa, Clara, Kayla, and Abney strike a pose
Cheyenne’s Sherlock goody bag, Chelsea in steampunk attire, and Cathy’s Dark Willow jacket prize!

Cheyenne’s obsession is British mystery shows, such as Agatha Christie’s Poirot, and she wonders if Netflix shouldn’t be considered its own fandom. Chelsea came in a gorgeous corset inspired by her fandoms-of-choice, steampunk and costuming. First time brunchette Janet loves all thing Disney , including the parks, and being the first to mention a DC character (Batman!) she went home with a Justice League Jelly Belly set.

Morally ambiguous Angela and first time brunchette (and sci-fi fan) Rose

Angela’s love of morally ambiguous characters was on display with her love of Breaking Bad. Laura, another first time brunchette, loves magic, fantasy, and dragons, and was wearing a Monkees poncho to hearken back to earlier geek days! Rose, also attending for the first time, is into sci-fi fandoms like Star Trek and Rick and Morty, the latter of which won her the final secret giveaway prize, a Rick figure. Sarah is a big fan of a multitude of geekverses, including The Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, D & D, and Dexter. Z, also a Sailor Moon fan, is mostly a self-professed “literature geek,” and Pokemon fanatic. Grace loves Studio Ghibli (as her Nausicaä shirt suggested) and is a big fan of Supernatural.

Paola’s Avatar bag and shipping shirt, Sarah’s 8-bit bow, and Laura’s amazing Monkee’s poncho!

Other geek loves that were mentioned included the movies Big Trouble in Little China, The Cat from Outer Space, The Hunger Games, and Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. There were MANY tangents about various series such as Alias, Kyle XY, Fringe, Project Runway, iZombie, Ardal O’Hanlon shows like My Hero, Death in Paradise, and his travel show Ireland, Red vs. Blue, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and it seems an overwhelming number of us LOVE food-oriented reality shows.


Next month GGB Reno will spotlight our love for all things musical, from Hamilton to Hedwig and the Angry Itch, The Book of Mormon to BIlly Elliot, from Disney to Dr. Horrible! Tune in next month for “Musical May!”



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