Stranger Things…Have Happened! GGB Emerald Coast

Stranger Things…Have Happened! GGB Emerald Coast


Officer Mandie here, the renowned procrastinator and pessimist. Most brunch themes leave me feeling like my caliber of nerd is perhaps too anti-everything but not when it comes to Stranger Things! This brunch took place back in January (I know, I know, procrastinator remember?!) at Another Broken Egg in Destin. If you haven’t ever been there, you should go….the food is fabulous! Just don’t go when the tourists have descended upon us.

We had a decent showing for this one and although Casey was dressed like Dwight Schrute  (allegedly shestranger was supposed to be Bob) clearly everyone had hit up their local Target for their Stranger Things apparel. The extremely expensive mimosas kept flowing and so did our off theme conversations, as per usual. I believe my end of the table mainly discussed geneology?!  Anyways, perhaps March’s Outlander brunch will actually consist of talking about the theme.

I’m trying super hard to remember what our brunch prizes were since I am writing this three months later. strangerI’m not going to fail here. I believe I brought some Stranger Things pins, there was a Stranger Things waffle scented candle (shout out to 11) that I did not win but really wanted and then there was a notebook of sorts. I think. Unless that was the Star Wars brunch and I’m mixing it up. We also had the lovely waitress cash us out once and then we all decided we needed more mimosas so she had to do it all again. The theme we pulled for February’s brunch was Studio Ghibli which all the anime nerds, mainly the Katie’s, were super excited about. As for me, I called it Professor Giblet for about two weeks and had no idea what they were talking about. Now I am INFORMED about environmentally conscious, Disney produced anime and how it is a THING.

Well there it is folks. I hope you all feel like you were there. I also hope Casey doesn’t tar and feather me for writing such a late and disappointing post. Stay tuned for this March’s Outlander recap that will most likely appear on this blog by 2050!



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