San Antonio GGB’s October Cosplay Brunch!

San Antonio GGB’s October Cosplay Brunch!

Bright and early in the most perfect of all months for it — October! — Geek Girl Brunch San Antonio met to focus and celebrate the joy and wonder of Cosplay and Costumes!

We met at GGB fan favorite, The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, the land of endless drinks. (Over 200 different drafts on site and changing often!) As is the habit of San Antonio Geek Girl Brunch, there were signs demarcating our spaces as well as double-sided coloring sheets on the tables, side-by-side with crayons, markers, and color pencils for all.

Our girls came out dressed to the nines in so many different cosplays, making everyone gasp and laugh and share volley’s of compliments everytime the door opened and a new girl walked in.


At the corner of each of the place settings where they sat down were, also, the grab bags, which our girls are encouraged to donate to every brunch. This one ended up very small, but it was still well appreciated to get a poison shot glass and a little early October costume candy!

Our raffle came after the food was ordered, and brought, while all of our girls spent it discussing their favorite costumes through the years. This month with headbands and accessories for all the very best next-to-be-made-or-bought costumes!

And here  are all of our delightful, dear raffle winners with their prizes:


After our raffle prizes, while our girls ordered desserts and more drinks, the officers huddled-round for the biggest surprise of the Cosplay Brunch Day — Cosplay-Costume Contest Awards (which, of course, were for everyone to enjoy all across types and days/years of experience with cosplay)!

Our awards were ranging in every direction from scariest to sweetest, to most heartbreak, best tv characters, best anime characters, and on and on, because our girls brought out their best from every corner a fannish heart could ever feel inspired from and by:

After the contest, our brunch wound down with announcements for the November Science Brunch to follow and well-wishes for everyone to have a wonderful time between now and then.

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