GGB San Antonio’s November Science Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s November Science Brunch!

Bright and early on a (not so chilly in San Antonio, Texas) November morning, Geek Girl Brunch San Antonio met to celebrate our love of all things — SCIENCE! 

Science brunch took place at one of our favorite, time-honored locations, Ajuua! Mexican Bar & Grill. Ajuua is home to an amazing assortment of drinks, with a wide assortment of seven types of mimosas, and one of the best Saturday Tex-Mex morning brunches that can be found down here. The myriad assortment of options is enough to keep every girl and the whole of a brunch crew happy trying old favorites and new dishes never seen before every time.

Like every Geek Girl Brunch in San Antonio, the day starts with arriving to find coloring sheets (themed to the day’s brunch theme) as placemats, which our girls color with crayons, markers and color pencil’s before and after ordering, while waiting for food, and playing our conversations games through the brunch itself.

Next, beside the coloring sheets, our girls will always find a Grab/Swag back gifted to them at the corner which has pieces placed into it by the girls. This month was a small one for both our swag bags but the girls still deeply loved what they ended up with: a beaker shot glass, two reams of stickers with science quotes, and bright art on them, a spider ring, and a pile of Twizzlers!

After all our breakfast buffet and delicious drink dreams were fulfilled, we went around the table and discussed person by person what our two favorites types of science were (with the sky being the limit on what counted and how and why and where). We, even, got into discussions about the science vs. pseudoscience found in a lot of our favorite science fiction, space, medical, and general fandom focuses outside of it, too, where it is used.

Our raffle was a small, but dedicated affair for the month:

Our excited lovely ladies who won our Science Prizes:

After the brunch wound down from discussions and raffle prizes (and picture!), we updated the girls on the last needed notes for our big 80’s Ball Brunch coming in December. Then, alas, with bright smiles and lingering hugs, we all said our goodbyes until it would be GGB time again.

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