GGB Leeds – Kitty Kat Brunch, February 2018

GGB Leeds – Kitty Kat Brunch, February 2018

In celebration of the release of Black Panther,  the Leeds Brunchettes decided to meet the panther’s relations, and have brunch at the Kitty Cafe . This was a perfect venue for our Chapter, as a large proportion of us are cat guardians.

The Kitty Café in Leeds opened in December 2017, and we had been looking for the perfect excuse to go. It also supports our ongoing #GGBDoBetter efforts:  the £6 you pay to visit ensures the health and well-being of their cats is kept to the highest standards. It also supports their rehoming efforts, as the majority of the cats are up for adoption. It took all our willpower to not sneak one of the gorgeous kitties home with us.

Prior to the visit, the Brunchettes had to confirm they had read the house rules… which included refraining from climbing the enormous scratching post. The food was fantastic – so much so that some of the kitties tried their hardest to have a taste. (Cheeky but adorable Johnny is partial to a jacket potato, and little Sooty will pinch anything).

The food is varied – from paninis, to pizza and jacket potatoes. There was also a variety of drinks, including Pink Lady hot chocolate, which a number of our Brunchettes enjoyed. The best part is the dessert: with a selection of cake to die for, a favourite is the Strawberry Shortbread Cheesecake, which is just moreish. It’s hard to get away without having a dessert, as they do a reasonably priced meal deal with cake included.

As the bookings are only for an hour, and we wanted to spend as much time as possible fussing over the fluffy cuties,  so there were no goodie bags or other activities on site on this occasion.

The building is large as it was built in the 19th century, and was most recently was used as a bank. The architecture is elegant. The inside of the café matches the outside. There is a mix of  brightly coloured furniture for customers and kitties to sit and sleep on – this included high back armchairs and sofas. The kitties have large waterfall water fountains, rope bridges, cat towers, and scratching posts of various sizes.

Then, of course, there is the windows. No matter which day you walk past, you will tend to find the gorgeous Saffy sat in the window, watching the world walk by. The first floor of the building has been turned into a cattery, which the cats can return to through various cat flaps if the guests get too much for them.

Two new members attended – it was great informal atmosphere to get to know each other.  And, as is tradition, we followed the Brunch with a tour of the geeky shops in our city.

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