GGB Reno’s “Marvel March” Brunch

GGB Reno’s “Marvel March” Brunch

For the month of March, the Reno Geek Girls met up at Mimi’s Cafe to discuss the Marvel fandom. We gushed about our favorite superheroes, swooned over our favorite super-villains, and debated the pros and cons of the kind of superpower we would like to have.

Danielle, one of our three new members who dabbled in a bit of everything, shared that her favorite superhero is the Black Widow and her favorite supervillain is Loki. When asked what she would do with her power of invisibility, her response certainly made the God of Mischief proud: What wouldn’t I do? 

A big fan of sass and snark, Kate named Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Deadpool, and Starlord as her favorites. She would like the power of super strength so she could lift things by herself. Self-sufficiency FTW!

Julie also chose Deadpool as her favorite superhero and Loki as her favorite supervillain. We had bemoaned the fact that the calories count was listed next to the desserts, which inspired her preferred superpower of directing where calories go on the body – the boobs. AKA, shape-shifting.

Brunchettes, assemble!

We took a brief detour to the land of Tom Hiddleston, where main features included impressive height, soothing baritone, and delicious looks. It was also a place where the Taylor Swift era did not exist.

Beth, Julie’s mom, got us back on track – kind of? – by stating she didn’t like superheroes. She did, however, like Star Wars and Harry Potter. If she had to pick, her favorite would be Alfred because he kept everything organized, which was exactly something a mom would say! As was her choice of teleportation for a superpower.

With her husband as a Spider-man fan, it made perfect sense for Kayla‘s favorite superhero to be Deadpool. She also named Jessica Jones, Iron Man, Spider-man, and Starlord as her favorite superheroes. Kilgrave was her favorite supervillain and we discussed how he had ruined relationship goals. Kayla would like to have super healing à la Deadpool with Jessica Jones’ level of super strength/durability.

Chelsea‘s favorite superheroes were Wolverine and Thor, with a special shout-out for Female Thor. Loki was chosen as her favorite supervillain. For her superpower, she would like to be able to control the weather like Storm, a good power to have in a town where one could experience all four seasons in the span of a day.

Our second new member, Cathy also said Wolverine was her favorite superhero and Dark Phoenix!Jean Grey was her favorite supervillain. Super metabolism was her choice for superpower, along with super intelligence. We discussed the ramifications of super intelligence, such as loneliness and, due to the acoustics of the restaurant and the long table we were seated at, drinking cough syrup (?!). Intrigue abound!

Cheyenne‘s choice of her favorite superhero was an unconventional one: Baby!Groot.  We all had the same reaction upon hearing her choice: Awwwwwwwwww. Hela was her favorite supervillain. Fan theories about Loki’s connection to Hela were discussed, including Loki as Hela’s son and Loki pulling a memory from Odin’s mind during their first encounter.

Vanessa, a DC fan, chose Jean Grey as her favorite superhero and Magneto and Killmonger as her favorite supervillains. Already a rebel at this Marvel brunch, she decided to go all in by stating that she didn’t like Loki and suffered from Loki fatigue, part of MCU’s villain problem. She would like to have Superman style flight ability and controlled telepathy.

Micaela was the second to name Dr. Strange as a favorite superhero and Magneto as a favorite supervillain. Unlike Julie’s shape-shifting powers, she would like to be able to do more than to alter her human form and appearances. Basically, in her words, she would like to be able to turn into a dragon when she was pissed off. An effective deterrent for those who would incur her dragon-y wrath. We went on a brief and possibly traumatizing, for those seated at neighboring tables, debate about the result of combining her shape-shifting ability with Julie’s – a dragon with boobs.

Ant Man, portrayed by the eternally youthful Paul Rudd, and Starlord were Abney‘s favorite superheroes. Loki and his hotness was mentioned for the fourth time as a favorite supervillain. A veterinarian, she would love to be able to talk with animals. Her other superpower of choice was the ability to turn back time, Time Turner style, rewinding the clock when she made a wrong turn or said the wrong thing. A feeling we could all relate to.

Our third new member, Jenelle, had a bit of a Civil War in her household – her husband a Captain America fan, even growing out his hair and beard to match Cap’s look in the Infinity War trailer, and she an avid Iron Man supporter! Keeping to the theme, her favorite supervillains were Iron Man 3’s Mandarin and Killian. She would like to have super strength like Wonder Woman and said training to be an Amazon was her mantra when working out.

Lastly, our new officer Angela let her salty side fly when she chose Iron Man as her favorite superhero and Tony Stark, who some believed was wrong to support the Accords, as her favorite supervillain. Her main critique of Civil War was that the Sokovia Accords was not the Superhero Registration Act and was, actually, quite reasonable given the events that had transpired. Who watches the watchmen? With a very sensitive nose, it made “sense” – pun intended! – that Angela chose the power to control scents, both to create and remove, for her superpower. Her superhero name would be Olfactorina, which both Abney and Vanessa googled to see if it were a real thing – it wasn’t but should totally be!

We rounded out our brunch with a Marvel Blitz: one minute to name as many MCU films as you could.

Cheyenne, Michaela, Jenelle, Kate, and Cathy

Cathy, Michaela, Kate, Jenelle and Cheyenne were the winners! We did have a tie between Jenelle and Kate. Thankfully Vanessa provided this tiebreaker question: What was the first Marvel film? 

Kate answered correctly after these clues (this character appears in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and is not human): Howard the Duck!

The geek girls of Reno will return for their April brunch! Stay tuned for a new theme and more geeky fun!

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