Moro Mimosas with the Emerald Coast

We believe our February brunch was an interesting one.  When it comes to Studio Ghibli, you either love it or you have never seen it.  Well, it turns out not a whole lot of ladies in our chapter are Princess Mononoke connoisseurs.   But that did not stop us from trying our best to make one hell of a brunch event, with the theme Moro Mimosas!


Meeting at Johnny O’Quigley’s Ale House up in Crestview, we gathered together to try to understand the thrill of the cartoons.  Some of the ladies in attendance are completely nuts about it, while others had seen one or two (myself included…and only because of the brunch!)  There were even several who had not heard of the movies before.  But if sharing and obsessing over different fandoms isn’t the point of Geek Girl Brunch, then I don’t know what is!

moroThere were many things to discuss over the bottomless mimosas and steaming cups of coffee.   Conversations ranged to our positions within the storyline of Outlander to our desperation for the return of Game of Thrones to the necessity of TV shows like Star Trek: Discovery.  Eventually, when a mile high slice of chocolate cake arrived, some strong words were being thrown around.  In the heat of a tea-frenzied passion, one of our officers challenged a member to a tea party competition.  We all immediately agreed to attend a double tea party spread, made just to impress us!  Mind you, one of the challengers is British and throws tea parties professionally!  But that did not stop the challenge from happening!  

moro mimosasThoroughly full from BLT sandwiches, omelets, and pancakes, we held a raffle for several Studio Ghibli items donated by one of our members, an adorable little purse and a vinyl decal!

Along with discussions over nerdy subjects, we also talked about our upcoming DoBetter event.  We’ve been sewing and cutting, ironing and trimming since January and are so excited to be finishing up to donate to our selected charity. (More about all that in a future post!)

Until next time, nerdy ladies!

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