GGB Los Angeles: Tipsy Topsy Time Travel Brunch

GGB Los Angeles: Tipsy Topsy Time Travel Brunch

Los Angeles has just re-awoken from a three year long hiatus!

Fresh with new officers, the chapter began with a small gathering on a Sunday morning of time travel and rain sprinkles.

With the release of the Disney adaptation of Wrinkle In Time, the officers organized a Tipsy Topsy Time Travel Brunch. How was it Tipsy Topsy? Members met up for a matinee of screening of Wrinkle in Time before meeting for a late, late brunch at 2:30 pm.

First, the movie was a visually marvelous piece  that provided some great conversation fodder for the table.  We were all strangers but immediately connected over  a movie. It was fantastic!

We feasted upon the delicious fare from the Granville in Burbank. The staff were extremely accommodating to our changing group size (Ahh! LA) and to our needs.   The diverse menu catered to all taste buds including vegan taste buds. Over yummy drinks, the conversation never stopped flowing and it was such a wonderful bonding time! It was a small but warm and happy gathering

Wrinkle in Time Book Earrings from Kit’s Designs!

One of your members was gifted a small token from a local artist. In honor of A Wrinkle Of Time, Kit’s Design donated the cutest little book earrings.  The earrings bear one version of the cover of Wrinkle In Time.  Kit’s Design has been one a local geek faire staple featuring geek novelty earrings of books, playbills, and more.  She was an absolute must contact for this event and we are supper glad she did!

Look forward to the next brunch for GGB LA in May 2018 and it be” Marvel in May- A Marvel Comics Themed Brunch”!  We are looking forward to meeting even more amazing SoCal brunchettes. With so many Marvel movies coming in theaters and not to mention to rich history of Marvel comics, the ideas are endless! Excelsior!

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