GGB San Antonio’s Anime September Bunch!

GGB San Antonio’s Anime September Bunch!

Our first brunch of the fall was a darling delight of all our girls: Anime!

On this bright and sunny day, we met at geek girl approved and loved, San Antonio GGB favorite (that we have come around about once a year,  Fujiya Japanese Garden.  It’s an amazing place in San Antonio for all sorts of Japanese drinks and delights. (We, especially, love using it for the tatami room!)

Everyone began to arrive early, before the restaurant even opened, in an amazing assortment of geek shirts, hugging and smiling and teasing each other about the amazing things brought for the raffle that day.


Our seats, like our usual, were set up with double-sided coloring sheets that the girls could color in and play with while waiting for their drinks and orders to arrive: this time in Inuyasha and Ghost in the Machine.

On top of this, one of our officers brought sweet treats for everyone to try during the meal — Mochi with green tea, yam, red bean paste, or peanut paste inside of it!

The raffled table for the Anime Brunch was one of the largest that San Antonio’s GGB has ever seen (since the explosion of The My Little Pony raffle table), and as such everyone got to walk away with gifts from the raffle this month. There were prints of all sizes, types of character and show. There were acrylic keychains. There was a massive Free! scroll, how to draw books, manga, and even an anime tentacle!

Our raffle winners and their prizes (and those smiles!)


A holdover from our 1st-2nd year Anniversary Raffle that had taken place in an earlier month (which was offered group wide by ticket, instead of my attendance): our grand prize winner was finally able to attend again and pick up her massive swag raffle basket (containing gifts, raffle prizes, and goodie bag extras from every brunch over the last two years). We hope you enjoy everything, Sara!

* More photos can be found in GGB SATX’s September Anime Album

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