GGB Ft. Lauderdale – Underappreciated Fandoms Galentines Day Brunch

GGB Ft. Lauderdale – Underappreciated Fandoms Galentines Day Brunch

February’s brunch for the Fort Lauderdale Chapter was all about celebrating the fandoms we love that can’t seem to catch a break. We returned to Sage French Café in Fort Lauderdale for our location and decorated with Galentines Day in mind. Sharma (Sharma Shari Photography) captured our brunch so beautifully in the galleries throughout this post Talk about rose-colored glasses! <3 <3 <3

Our goody bags included cutesy Valentines/ Galentines themed cards, stickers, lollipops, pencils, and more; but they also included unique GGB-FTL swag created by and for our brunchettes. Fangirl 4 Lyfe button magnets were created by Officer Cristy repping our random fandoms: Squirrel Girl, Fringe, tabletop gaming, Harry Potter, Super Mario, and Star Trek. Also a unique addition: our own Friends Work Waffles Galentines Day cards so we can let our own beautiful tropical fish and bodacious bombshell land mermaids know how much they mean to us. Musicals are a huge fandom that we don’t often get to explore with GGB so we found some stickers on Redbubble to rep our musical theater nerddom.

Raffle items included gift sets of some of Officer Daniela’s favorite underappreciated fandoms: Leverage, Psych, and Warehouse 13. A Parks and Recreation Galentines stationary and planner kit was created by Officer Meghan exclusively for our February brunch. A Hellboy raffle set and a Black Panther raffle set rounded out our underappreciated fandom gifts. Steven Universe blind bags, heart pens, rose stud earrings, and other small items found their way into several raffle sets too. The

Speaking of Black Panther, our casual meetup for February is the opening weekend Sunday afternoon showing of Black Panther in Fort Lauderdale! (Cannot wait.)

Beyond our brunches, the GGB Fort Lauderdale crew are invited to attend screenings found and shared by Officer Aurora. The start of 2018 has been a real boon for the film fans among our small crew. GoFobo and other screening companies have had previews scheduled throughout Miami and Broward, all of which Aurora has listed and made available to our members and guests. A highlight reel of our early 2018 film fare includes: Winchester, Love Simon, Game Night, and Red Sparrow. 

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