GGB Fort Collins: Doctor Who Brunch

GGB Fort Collins: Doctor Who Brunch

Doctor Who Brunch

“In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.”

Geek Girl Brunch Fort Collins Ladies

Geek Girl Brunch Fort Collins’ recently celebrated all things Doctor Who! We convened at the Crown Pub, a local pub that matched our extremely British theme perfectly! They were gracious and accommodating to our large group (praise be to Jesse, our bartender).

Shortly after our arrival and set up, officers Jakki and Allison informed officer Sarah that they had a special surprise for her and that the 10th Doctor would be joining us for brunch. Almost immediately after this revelation, Sarah’s best friend Kristi (who lives in NYC) came through the door dressed as the 10th Doctor! They had arranged a special visit for Kristi to be at brunch and Sarah was delighted.

Sarah & Kristi call each other “Face Twins” – can you see why?

For our favors for this brunch, each lady received a “jammy dodger” cookie, a pair of 3D glasses and a Tardis charm, as well as a business card from our Geek Girl Boss of the Month, Taylor of Order of Epona. We opened with our traditional ice breakers portion of brunch. Each lady introduced herself and shared her favorite character from Doctor Who. Explanations ranged from heartfelt and endearing to “I’ve never seen Doctor Who but I’m pretty sure there’s a robot dog so I pick that.”

Our first activity was “Character Bingo”. Each lady received a bingo card with names of different characters from Doctor Who. Jakki read explanations of characters aloud and our ladies had to guess the character before they marked him or her off on their bingo card. And normal rules applied – the first person who shouted Bingo won! Kestrel won a Tardis/Dalek ice cube tray and a Doctor Who belt!

Kestrel wins Bingo!

We let the ladies play for second and the 2nd place winner got to choose a prize from our grab bag. Nikki chose a Star Wars shirt!

Nikki gets a grab bag shirt!

Our second activity was a Creative Storytelling game. We gave the ladies a “set-up” narrative where they play the Doctor’s companion – but the Doctor becomes distracted by a shiny object and the companion has to save the day! We let the ladies write an ending to the scenario and voted anonymously on the favorite story. The winner was Allison! She won some Tardis socks and a Weeping Angel toy. Since Allison is an officer, she later raffled off the prizes other brunch ladies.

Allison wins the Creative Storytelling activity!

No brunch is complete without a raffle and the winner was Nikki! She went home with a Doctor Who shower curtain, beanie hat and some Tardis Earrings!

Nikki wins the raffle!

As a bonus for our ladies, Jakki had painstakingly translated a message from the Doctor into Gallifreyan (the Doctor’s native language and a very complicated series of circles and lines). Intended to be a take-home activity, the first lady to translate the message back into English would receive a sonic screwdriver. Brianna took the initiative and translated the message successfully before brunch was finished and took home a very well earned screwdriver!

Brianna successfully translated the message from the Doctor!

Finally, we announced our next brunch theme, Themyscira, and took photos of all of our lovely ladies and their amazing outfits and cosplay. We were so thrilled to have new members with us this brunch and we hope our brunch community will continue to grow in both numbers and love!

~Allison, Jakki & Sarah
Geek Girl Brunch Fort Collins

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