Celebrate Your Fandom with Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland!

Celebrate Your Fandom with Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland!

Our February brunch theme was ‘Celebrate Your Fandom’. It was also our Second Anniversary Brunch. This year, it was held at Emperor’s Palace in Downtown Cleveland. Despite it being Chinese New Year weekend, their food and service was wonderful as always.

As has become a tradition, we had a White Elephant gift exchange. Each girl brought in a gift, and we used raffle tickets to have them chose what gift to open. Once they chose the gift, they held it up to show everyone. A few got stolen, and once an item got stolen a few times, it was dead.

Here are pictures of our attendees with their gifts:

We also debuted our new chapter colors and slogan on the anniversary coasters created by Officer Amanda and member Cassie Z.  And, the business cards Officer Amanda created, were at the brunch as well. Each attendee received a coaster from us, and members were welcome to pick up one of the new business cards.

Allied Integrated Marketing Cleveland, surprised everyone with promotional items for the upcoming Annihilation movie. These were raffled off at brunch, too. We are partnering with them for a preview night on the 21st at Great Northern Mall.

Some Unofficial Events were held this month….first up, a few of the girls went to member Chandra’s house for Game Night. They played Exploding Kittens (NSFW), What do you Meme, and Harry Potter Clue. Chandra is hoping to host these events more often. There is currently a poll on our Facebook page asking for input on the next one.

We also had a few members attend Lockdown Cleveland, and they tried their hand at The Wizard’s Keep. I am sure you can guess what the theme of the game was. They made it out in about 40 minutes, and needed no hints!

The Unofficial Movie Outing this month is Black Panther. Five members signed up to see the movie, and possibly grab dinner afterwards.

The GGBC Book Club is meeting at the end of the month. There was no meeting last month, due to the Cleveland snow storm. Time and date is to be determined for February.

And, we are all gearing up for Wizard World Cleveland, which is being held March 2, 3, and 4th in Downtown Cleveland. Officer Amanda has been working closely with them to enable us to get a fan table and a panel this year to promote our chapter there.

In next month’s brunch recap: Wizard World Cleveland, March’s Science Fiction Brunch, Unofficial Movie Outing, Unofficial Game Night, and GGBC Book Club.

See you then!





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