Galentine’s Brunch… It’s Only the Best Day of the Year

Galentine’s Brunch… It’s Only the Best Day of the Year

Galentine’s Brunch!

Bad weather wouldn’t stop Leslie Knope from a day with Ann Perkins and the snow definitely didn’t stop 28 brunchettes from enjoying their Galentine’s Day Brunch for the second year in a row.  The amazing Pieces: St. Louis Board Game Bar and Café graciously housed our event, boasting more than 700 games for us to choose from.  Among the picks were Harry Potter Clue, What Do You Meme, Exploding Kittens, and Joking Hazard.  Once settled in with a good game, many of our brunchettes enjoyed coffee, hot cocoa, and bottomless mimosas.  The brunch menu included delicious breakfast fried rice, humus bowls, breakfast soft tacos, and various 5 egg omelets, and even though there was a variety of food on the table, it seemed that the top pick this morning was breakfast fried rice which was definitely yummy.       galentine       galentine                        

Galentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without exchanging gifts and our geeky ladies did not disappoint.  We were each paired to exchange gifts “secret Santa” style, and each lady received items from their favorite fandoms.  Some gifts were hand-crafted by some of our amazingly talented ladies, and others were carefully chosen for the geeky recipient, but don’t think that these fabulous ladies stopped there!  Not only was there an amazing gift exchange, but each of the ladies brought some super fun valentine’s cards and equally cute card boxes for a card exchanged, treat bags, cookies, and goodies galore.  This was definitely a brunch to brag about.


After food, some games, a couple of drinks, and the amazing gift exchange, we raffled off 3 shirts out of our swag collection that was given to us by the awesome t-shirt company known as Threadless.  Theresa, Elaine, and Kim were the lucky winners and they picked their nerdy shirt of choice.  2 hours in only half of our ladies were ready to leave, the other half went back to playing games, drinking their mimosas, and discussing a mutual love for Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, and the Galentines Theme!  This was definitely one of our biggest brunches and it’s a no brainer that it’s equally loved by all our ladies whether they’ve seen Parks and Rec or not.


Last, but definitely NOT least, we are trying something new for our brunch theme reveals and this morning we released a clue on our IG, Twitter, and FB accounts.  We hope that our ladies have fun trying to guess the theme for our March brunch.  We plan on releasing a series of clues over the next week and then finishing with a reveal at the end.  We are excited to see what everyone thinks of the clues and we can’t wait to see everyone next month!




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