GGB NOLA — Friendsgiving, Wine & Wizardry, Comic Con, Express Yourself

GGB NOLA — Friendsgiving, Wine & Wizardry, Comic Con, Express Yourself

GGB NOLA has had a FANTASTIC holiday season, and we’re entering our 3rd year strong. We celebrated our Brunchettes during our 2nd annual Friendsgiving/Geeksgiving, had a Potter marathon weekend with Wine & Wizardry, nerded out at Wizard World Comic Con, and brought OG members and newbies together for our Express Yourself 2nd anniversary party. GGB NOLA thrives on the passion and community that our Brunchettes have built…we love and appreciate you!

The holiday season definitely made it a bit more difficult to have our normal brunches, but luckily our members find plenty of opportunities to get together. April hosted our Friendsgiving/Geeksgiving on Thanksgiving Day, which was perfect for all of our Brunchettes needing a bountiful table to gather around. Everyone pitched in to bring amazing dishes like shrimp bisque, mac & cheese, brussel sprouts, potato casserole, cranberry sauce (from scratch!), and lots of desserts. As is tradition around a lot of Thanksgiving tables, April’s delicious turkey (which was browned by Crystal’s blowtorch) was the centerpiece that brought the entire meal together. As you can tell by the joy in our group picture, everyone had a blast!


In Dec., our resident Potter experts Kai and Leslie hosted Wine & Wizardry. We spent the entire weekend watching 6 of the 8 Harry Potter movies…marathons are much more fun with friends. We sipped on butterbeer, nibbled on all the candies from our trolley goods, and played a pretty tame Potter drinking game. Between the films Kai led an assortment of games and trivia — that woman knows her Potterverse! We all agreed that Wine & Wizardry was a great continuation of our watch nights (we’ve also done a Supernatural Night), and that we’ll need to do more.

GGB NOLA brought in January strong. The first weekend was spent at Wizard World Comic Con. Our Brunchettes made themselves known amongst exhibitors and photographers…our favorite was The Enchanted Shire! The owner was so nice and accommodating, and Enchanted Shire has all the best fandom gear. If you ever pass by them at a Con, mention Geek Girl Brunch! Wizard World was also the scene of our first official GGB NOLA photoshoot with Broken Skull Productions. It was arranged by Erin (who unfortunately got sick and couldn’t come out), and was SO much fun! We’re looking forward to seeing and sharing the pictures.

We followed up Comic Con with our 2nd anniversary party at Tacos & Beer. Just like last year we had the entire second floor to ourselves, and we needed all of that space! The crowd was a great mix of new members and our OG Brunchettes, which was perfect…it’s always great when someone walks in nervous and leaves with having made some new friends! We kept our server busy with lots of margaritas and taco plates (thanks for helping with orders Kuniqua!) and celebrated with awards and raffle prizes. One of our newer members, Britt, is a professional photographer and captured some beautiful moments…the joy just shines through!

Thanks for a great start to the year Brunchettes! 2018 will be a great one!

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