GGB Reno’s January Star Wars Brunch

GGB Reno’s January Star Wars Brunch

Star Wars brunch!

Reno’s amazing geek girls met up at Lili’s Restaurant for our January Star Wars-themed brunch. We discussed, civilly (for the most part), our favorite films, characters, and general love for one of the most enduring fandoms in pop culture.

As a massive fan of Star Wars (including cosplay – she even got married as Princess Leia), and with a very active 501st member for a husband, there is virtually no area of GGB officer Vanessa’s life that isn’t dominated by Star Wars. She had the incredible privilege last year of participating in a filmed round table discussion of female Star Wars fans for the upcoming documentary “Looking for Leia.” While Princess/General Leia will always be a true inspiration to her, her favorite character (and current obsession) is Kylo Ren. She is also madly in love with The Last Jedi.

Angela admitted that while she is not a huge Star Wars fan, she blames her college roommate, who introduced her to Star Wars by showing her the prequels (cue GASP and cries from the rest of the brunchettes, lol). Many of us recommended the Clone Wars TV show (in the proper order), since it does far better justice to the prequel characters.

star wars
Angela, Kayla, Grace, & Vanessa (in Lady Lando cosplay)

GGB Officer Kayla grew up with parents who were not geeky, but they did love Star Wars. She surprisingly didn’t really start getting into the fandom until the past few years. She is a big fan of the Clone Wars TV show, and her favorite character is Hondo Ohnaka.

Grace only got into Star Wars when the originals were rereleased in theaters, when her brother dragged her to see them. She loves sharing her love of geeky stuff, including Star Wars, with her 2 sons. She wasn’t completely satisfied with The Last Jedi, however she does want to see it a second time. Most brunchettes agreed that the movie requires at second viewing (at least!).

star wars
Karena, Julie (in R2-D2 dress!), and Abney

Another brunchette whose first intro to Star Wars was through the prequels was Karena. She didn’t even see the originals until right before The Force Awakens came out. She loves The Empire Strikes Back and The Last Jedi, but wasn’t a big fan of Rogue One. Her favorite character is Maz Kanata!

Julie is a lifelong Star Wars fan. She loved Rogue One, loved the idea of a war movie set in the Star Wars universe. A New Hope is her favorite, and she can’t decide whether Leia or R2-D2 is her favorite character. She’s not a big fan of The Last Jedi, saying she loved some things about it, but had major issues with others. She hopes Episode IX will sort it all out.

Abney considers herself a “baby” Star Wars fan. She was never really into it but her “beau” is, to quote her, a “raging” Star Wars fan. She claimed the honor of most obscure favorite character – Lowbacca, the Wookiee Jedi. She is a big fan of porgs, but most decidedly did NOT love Luke drinking green milk.

star wars
Kristin, Anzia, Clara, & Kate

Kate doesn’t consider herself a huge SW fan. She enjoys the movies, but loves the originals in particular. Her primary interest in them was the contributions from Jim Henson, as she is a huge fan of such films as Labyrinth. She doesn’t have a favorite character, but she loves the relationship between Han and Leia. She also wanted to plug the movie theater subscription service Moviepass.

First time brunchette Kristin admirably read the Expanded Universe books before she even watched any of the movies. Her favorite character is Mara Jade, but her favorite film character is Obi-Wan.  She also loved The Last Jedi.

Anzia (“Z”) also isn’t the hugest Star Wars fan, but her husband is. She also surprised many of us by saying she hadn’t ever watched the movies until right before The Force Awakens came out. She loved both Rogue One and The Last Jedi. She loves the relationships between Anakin and Padme, and between Kylo and Rey.

Clara is a big Star Wars fan, so much that she has “even seen” The Star Wars Holiday Special! Her favorite movie is Return of the Jedi, and her favorite character, although she loves them all, would have to be C-3PO!


Up next month, we discuss whether it’s possible to be a Trekkie and a Star Wars fan. Just kidding, of course it is. We hope to see many of our lovely Reno geek girls at our February Trek brunch!

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