Oh Brilliant! A Doctor Who Brunch!

Oh Brilliant! A Doctor Who Brunch!


One should always know to bring a banana to a party, that bow ties are cool, and beware the attack eyebrows because they are fierce (and double as baby mustaches)!  GGB St Louis Metro kicked of 2018 with a Doctor Who themed brunch that was too much fun and full of swag.  Each geeky gal got a pair of 3D glasses for the 10th Doctor, a Bow Tie for the 11th Doctor, Attack Eyebrows for the 12th Doctor, and a banana because as mentioned above, one should always bring a banana to a party!

brilliant brilliantbrilliant

Among the silly photo props, there was swag galore thanks to all of our amazingly talented and crafty ladies!  Two of our members teamed up to make some adorable 10th Doctor book marks for each geekette in attendance, and they were definitely a hit!  We had an awesome 11th Doctor Tote, a gorgeous Tardis patch, some beautiful Tardis enamel pins (all supplied by another SUPER talented member), and the cutest Tardis beanie that were all handmade by some super crafty ladies, as well as an amazing Exploding Tardis decorative pillow case!  It was definitely a brunch full of amazing raffles!



We chose 4204 Main Street Brewing Company as our host and they did not disappoint!  They are both a restaurant and brewery, where they brew their own beers in house.  They had quite an extensive list of beers, and some of our ladies got pretty adventurous in their tastings.  We had some great appetizers, awesome food, and delicious beer (as well as other refreshments)!  We definitely all left full!



     With our first brunch of the year under our belts, I can honestly say that we are really excited for what we have planned for the rest of this year.  We have a fantastic group of geeky ladies that continues to grow every month, and every month we have more fun than we had before.  Next month we will be having an amazingly, geeky Galantines Brunch at the popular Pieces: St Louis Board Game Bar and Cafe, where we will exchange gifts “secret Santa” style, play TONS of board games, and enjoy each other’s nerdy company!      


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