Crazy Cat Lady Brunch – GGB Cleveland

Crazy Cat Lady Brunch – GGB Cleveland

Crazy Cat Lady Brunch!

This month’s brunch celebrated our love for cats – Garfield, Pusheen, Simon’s Cat, Aaron’s Animals, and, of course our own! The brunch was held at Sweet Melissa’s in Rocky River. The service and food were excellent there. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered off the lunch menu. And, their desserts were to die for!

Everyone was given a cute cat in the box post it pad, and a cat pen.

cat lady      cat lady

Our ice breaker was talking about cats, and showing pictures of them to those around us.

cat lady   cat lady   cat lady   cat lady

The swag table was brimming with lots of awesome stuff to raffle off to our members. We decided to go back to having our members choose which swag they wanted to win, by putting a raffle ticket in a bag by the swag merchandise. Special thank you to Erik Hodson Illustrations for the cool Neko Atsume poster, Miniworld Entertainment for the donations, Cat Lady Box for their sample monthly box, and Officer Katrina for the cool coasters.

cat lady

Swag Winners

For more brunch pictures, please click here.

In addition to the brunch this month, we had a couple Do Better Events. One was Strike Out Hate, a bowling event at Spins Bowl in Independence, OH. Six of our members donated money, and got to bowl for a few hours. It was a lot of fun! A huge thank you goes out to Member Chandra for organizing it. And, some of us got together to knit and crochet hats for Little Hats, Big Hearts, which was for the American Heart Association. Officer Katrina organized this event, and plans to have more workshops for this Do Better Event throughout the year. And, we are encouraging our non-crafty members to attend, because she is really skilled in the fine art of needle crafts.

Handmade hats, donated by our members, brought in for Little Hats, Big Hearts at the Crazy Cat Lady Brunch.

As for our Unofficial Events, the  Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland Book Club is reading “The Fifth Season” by N. K. Jemisin. They are planning to meet to discuss the book on the 29th. And, because of the Cleveland weather, we couldn’t do an Unofficial Movie Outing this month. But, plans are already in the works for February’s outing.

Also during January, we started getting ready for Wizard World Cleveland, which is in March. The first poll we did was for new chapter colors. The winner was glittery silver and purple.

We also had a slogan contest for our chapter, this month as well. The winner received a free weekend pass to Wizard World Cleveland, where they would be expected to help us at the table during the convention. The winner was Officer Amanda, who’s slogan was “We Speak Fandom”. But, because she already had a pass, the second and third place winners will receive the passes instead. Second place winner was Member Cassie Z., who’s slogan was “GGB CLE: Come to the Geek side”. And, the third place winner was Member Stephanie B., who’s slogan was “GGB CLE: We Drink, We Eat, We Know Things”. Sadly, we just found out Stephanie will be leaving Cleveland this month, so her pass will be going toward the next contest we will be having, which is an essay about Geek Girl Brunch.

During December, because of the holidays, we had a few Unofficial events occur. We had brunch at Emperor’s Palace, where Member Emily and her husband, Steve, helped members try different kinds of dim sum food. And, we had two Unofficial Movie Outings – “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, and “Dr. Who: Twice Upon a Time”.

Next month our brunch theme is – Chose Your Fandom! It’s our 2nd Anniversary Brunch! It will be held on February 17th. The Unofficial Movie Poll will be up February 1st, with a date to be determined. And, the Book Club will be reading “The Story of My Tits” by Jennifer Hayden, with a meeting date to be determined.

See next month!


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