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What Gets Everywhere?

Did you know that not every nerd is into Star Wars? *Gasp!* *It can’t be!* *I’m utterly shocked!*   Well one of our officers just isn’t a space lady so she found this brunch to be coarse and irritating.  Thankfully she fought through her desire to shun the Star Wars nerds and showed up anyway!Gets Everywhere

The Emerald Coast spent it’s third brunch celebrating the [second] best space themed fandom by hosting a Star Wars brunch!  It seemed fitting to hold the brunch in December since that is when the new Star Wars movies always hit the theaters.

We met at Samurai, a hibachi restaurant located in the beach town of Navarre, Florida.  After settling down and ordering a few drinks, the hibachi show began!  Our chef gave us some classic marvels to oogle over.  He lit a volcano through a tower of onions and put out the fire with a little peeing man!  The show was fun to watch, especially since the reward for sitting still and clapping was a giant plate of food!  Chicken, scallops, veggies galore!

The silence that only food can bring was soon interrupted by nerdy chatter.  Two new geekettes joined us for brunch, so we went around the grill introducing ourselves and mentioning our fandoms.  Ignoring the boos from our space hating officer, we openly admitted to our passionate love for space themed everything!  It is very liberating to find out you aren’t the only one with a passion for a certain fandom!  And brunches seem to be where we all find joy in making sure others join the fandoms we love.

Several pieces of swag were raffled off: a set of spatulas representing the dark and light sides of the force and of cooking, a headband for taming those buns, and a set of magnets! This officer finally won something, and let me tell you, I wear that headband every day!!

Great food and great company wrapped up another successful brunch for the Emerald Coast!

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