GGB Denver and Fort Collins Combo Brunch – Studio Ghibli!

GGB Denver and Fort Collins Combo Brunch – Studio Ghibli!

“The creation of a single world comes from a huge number of fragments and chaos.” – Hayao Miyazaki

combo brunch
GGB Denver & Fort Collins Combined Brunchettes

After everyone saying, “You should really do a brunch with the Denver chapter”, we finally did! Geek Girl Brunch Denver & Fort Collins met up half way between cities for a combo brunch themed after Studio Ghibli! We chose Mimi’s Cafe in Westminster and they were very lovely and accommodating to our exceptionally large group.

Once again, Elizabeth took the initiative and provided lots of awesome swag for our ladies! She made keychains, bookmarks, and iron on patches! The Fort Collins chapter provided mini Totoro figurines and small castle charms, inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle.

The Swag!

As the ladies arrived, each was asked to fill out a name tag with her name and her favorite Ghibli character. The Denver chapter also provided a list of “ice breaker” questions, so each lady could introduce herself, talk about her favorite character and then answer an ice breaker. i.e. Which Weasley would you want to date?

Following our introductions, Sarah and Allison of Fort Collins led a trivia game called “Explain a Character Badly”. Our officers came up with very bad descriptions for various characters in the Ghibli movies. For example, “Future crazy cat lady gives Amazon prime a run for it’s money.” The ladies would need to guess the name of the character (for one point) and the name of the film (for one point). i.e. Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. The geek girl with the most correct answers won a prize. We had a tie – both Belle and Erica won prizes! Erica won Haku socks from GGB Fort Collins and Belle won a Totoro keychain donated by Amanda from GGB Denver.

After we scarfed down our brunch meals, GGB Denver’s Hope and Grace led their activity “Great Minds Think Alike”. The ladies were split into two teams and each team was given one minute to write down words they associated with a movie. The team with the most “like” answers won! And since there were enough prizes to go around, everyone got a little soot sprite to take home!

Finally we drew our raffle prizes, with Harmony winning the Princess Mononoke necklace by SuperNovaDesigns, Stacey won the Soot Sprite Jewelry set hand made by Hope, and Amanda won the Soot Sprite Earrings, also made by SuperNovaDesigns.

Thank you again to all of our fantastic ladies from both brunches for coming together and growing our community. It was great to connect with our sisters from another chapter.


Allison, Jakki and Sarah

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