GGB Prescott: Battle of the Fandoms!

GGB Prescott: Battle of the Fandoms!

Who would win in a battle between all  fandoms?!  Throughout our August event that was the question!  Important characters from our favorite fandoms were vetted against each other in a lively debate that proved to be a rousing and fun success.  In the end, Gandalf was the overall winner!  LOTR pride!

Augie’s in Prescott was the perfect location to host this battle!  With drinks aplenty, very tasty cuisine, and friendly staff; it was the ideal setting for Geek Girls to invade and conquer!  And we did!

Happy anniversary!

This gathering marked our 1 year anniversary as a chapter here in the Prescott,AZ area.  We began as 8 members where we only needed a table or 2 to suit our party.  Now, we need a bigger boat every gathering.  It has been a wonderful time meeting other locals that love to geek out about the same things and learning about other fandoms from them as well.  Prescott has the small-town feel and there is a little Geek Culture present with even more growth on the horizon.  Our chapter has been a fun addition to the area, providing an outlet to geek out for women.

With that in mind and to celebrate, we decided to host a Treat Yourself White Elephant Exchange!  Each of our Brunchettes brought a wrapped gift that was nerdy in nature for the exchange.  It was brutal!  Several of the gifts were stolen numerous times before they were retired.

As we ended our soiree, we looked to the future of GGB Prescott and it is indeed bright!  Cheers again ladies for a very successful celebration, may we have many more!!



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