GGB Glasgow is back, and holding out for a shero

GGB Glasgow is back, and holding out for a shero

It was a bit of a shock to say the least when we realised over the summer that our last brunch was the Christmas Star Wars celebration last year! Your poor beleagured officers had to take some months off, but – huzzah! – we are back. Our first brunch of 2017 took us back to our roots as wee geek girls, asking who our childhood sheroes were. Officer Kathleen shared hers to the September Brunch Pinterest board to get everyone looking back.

A very dapper seahorse on the wall of the Hillhead Bookclub

We met at the Hillhead Book Club early on a September Saturday afternoon. It’s a lovely place, home to the Granny Would be Proud vintage fayre, and to a table tennis table fenced off upstairs; sadly we didn’t have time for a game, as the establishment’s updated brunch menu was a wee bit tantalising. We were but few, it being a busy weekend of geek weddings and Comic Cons elsewhere, but it was great to introduce a new brunchette to the group. While waiting for our order. we had some fun playing with our new DC Super Hero Girls Fashems, some delightfully squishy toys who are wonderfully stackable (see below):

Stackable DC Superhero Girls Fashems – a new game

Playing with Bumblebee, Harley Quinn (who may seem tenuous at a Sheroes brunch, but in DC Super Hero Girls is apparently the class clown), and Katana, we ended up chatting about our favourite cartoon sheroes from our childhood – because members of the group grew up abroad, we all learned out about new characters, as well as sharing our love of Wonder Woman and My Little Pony. There were some Little Miss stickers on the table for us to share, and while they were popular, we realised that the Mr Men were much more common across countries than their sisters. Mention was made of the Doctor Who editions of the Mr Men books, which now makes me wonder if there will be a Little Miss Doctor appearing soon? We may have to wait a while for her, but in the meantime, we are pretty excited about the Powerpuff Girls having returned in 2016 (we hadn’t all known this), with an elder sister in tow. As we came to the end of our meal, we had moved on to talking about our experiences of martial arts – the majority of our sheroes were skilled in at least one such discipline. Between us, we had at least tried our hands at kick-boxing, fencing, and archery (various types), and quarterstaff fighting. I wonder how much influence our childhood sheroes – and more recent sheroes – had on us choosing such sports and hobbies?

Harley Quinn casting a critical eye over the full Scottish breakfast.

Hillhead Book Club was a great venue for a small group brunching, and would I think be just as good for larger groups. The food was lovely – the pancakes were available as both classic or “matcha” (made with green tea), and the full Scottish breakfast was just as delicious as both forms of pancakes were said to be. The staff were really friendly, in the run up to the brunch and on the day itself, and quite happy to let us sit and chat after eating without pressure. Next time we need to try the ping pong!

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