GGB NOLA – “Feel the GLOW”

GGB NOLA – “Feel the GLOW”

After a fantastic spring/summer with our Brunchettes (check out our Instagram feed!), we all came together for our Feel the GLOW event. Our officers were so inspired by the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling ( Fabulous Moola, Lita, Naomi, etc.) that we just had to pay homage to them and the 80s. We also had members show off their Pop Art make-up skills!

Our September brunch was at Lula Distillery. This venue was simply amazing and so accommodating. The restaurant has a completely open feel and is great for large groups. The 13 of us were seated at connected tables right in front of the distillery machines, and we were super-close to the vodka bar!

Lula’s menu is perfect for varying tastes…our Brunchettes had veggie omelettes, boudin eggrolls, chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, gulf fish and Pain Perdu!  Every dish was fantastic. There’s also a $20 unlimited vodka bar that includes Lula vodka (distilled on site!) and a variety of mixers. The mix of fantastic meals, bottomless drinks, and energetic Brunchettes ensured a perfect event! To our surprise and joy, the manager of Lula gave us a tour of the distillery because they loved us so much. The tour was about 10 minutes long and included details of the vodka distillery process as well as information on the machinery used to make vodka. Lula gave our Brunchettes a flawless experience!


Every month GGB NOLA prides itself on being able to hold free raffles. We have items that are either purchased by offers or donated by our amazing members, which is always fantastic. Thank you for helping us continue to spread some geeky joy in the form of free gifts!

This month’s raffle items included a pop art coloring book, Sherlock-themed wallet, Marvel Chaos reference book, and Jessica Jones figurine. All of our Brunchettes also received a theme swag bag that included a custom coaster, sunglasses, and fingerless gloves. The GGB NOLA coasters are collectibles, so be sure to keep coming out to every event!


Thanks everyone for coming out to Feel the GLOW…we’ll see you at the next event!

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