GGB Ft. Lauderdale – Ghostbusters Ghoulish Get-Together

GGB Ft. Lauderdale – Ghostbusters Ghoulish Get-Together

Our Ghostbusters Ghoulish Get-Together was held at Tatts & Tacos in Oakland Park where a truly spectacular brunch menu awaited. Our chapter welcomed some new faces in October and three newbies joined us for the first, but not the last time.

The Ft. Lauderdale officers might have gotten a little excited about the prospect of raffle prizes for October. Let’s just say that no one left empty-handed – including our officers.

This month’s decorations included handmade Halloween table-toppers: mini-cauldrons with DIY felt tulips, graveyard markers, and pumpkin displays by Officers Daniela and Cristy. Ghostie prints from Rachel Kriz and Ghostbusters prints were also on display. Raffle bundles went to every attendee (and one person even won twice!) so no one went home empty-handed.

Raffle items included:

  • Funko’s POP line of Ghostbusters (including an XL Stay Puft Marshmallow Man)
  • Two copies of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls (which should be on every geek girl’s TBR)
  • Halloween earrings made exclusively for the GGB-FTL chapter by Officer Meghan
  • Ghostbusters comics issues

Goody bags were particular treats this month because, well, it included tricks too.

Stuffers included:

  • Stay Puft & Slimer cutesy stickers by BeckaDoodles
  • Halloween hairties made exclusively for the GGB-FTL chapter by Officer Cristy
  • Ectoplasm gift box by Aurelia Art
  • Assorted Halloween goodies including bubble wands, erasers, monster eye rings, and stickers
  • Especially packed vegan marshmallows (and non-vegan ones too) with Stay Puft sticker
  • Assorted ghostie mini-prints by Rachel Kriz
  • Slime (of course!)
Next Year’s Calendar

Updates on 2018 Brunch Themes and Meetups will be revealed beginning October 16th. Additionally, with so much interest coming from our brunchettes for the remaining 2017 brunches and movie meet-ups, we’re releasing event invites ASAP. Brunchettes who attended the Ghostbusters Ghoulish Get-Together were able to get a sneak peek at our upcoming calendar. They’re pretty happy!

See image below for details on dates and updates.


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