GGB Ft. Lauderdale – Bob’s Burgers and Florida Supercon

GGB Ft. Lauderdale – Bob’s Burgers and Florida Supercon

The GGB Ft. Lauderdale August brunch theme was Bob’s Burgers and it was truly buttloose if we say so ourselves. Bob’s might be an incredibly popular show, but we had no idea just how popular our brunch was going to be. The sign-ups hit our event cap almost immediately, and every spot was filled on brunch day! We welcomed new brunchettes – said good-bye to yet another brunchette who is moving away (Why, Christine?! Whyyyyy??!!), and saw brunchettes who had been on GGB-FTL vacation for far far too long.

Special thanks go out to Burger Freak (Ft. Lauderdale) who were absurdly accommodating. They secured a party space for the bruchettes (complete with classic Sega Genesis and Nintendo systems), played the Bob’s Burgers songs over the PA, played show episodes on the screens around us, let our officers in early to set up, and – most importantly – created a unique Bob’s Burgers-inspired menu for our brunch, including bottomless mimosa and Bloody Mary specials! Find them on Facebook and Instagram – Seriously, check out those shakes and maybe be a little jealous!

We spent months putting together our burger-themed swag bags and were rewarded with squeals of delight when our brunchettes dug in. Items included character stickers from Happy Otter Art (Etsy shop link), a Drew Green Buttloose Tina print (artist Tumblr link), exclusive GGB-FTL burger rings, burger sour gummies, Teavana teas, burger notepads, burger pins and patches, Bob’s foodtruck foldables, and Aunt Gayle’s “Art Walk” animal butt gifts by one of our own brunchettes, Summer. Every table was covered with coloring pages from the Bob’s Burgers Coloring Book and attendees colored while they waited for their food. Additionally goodies were spotted from 7 Deadly Pins (Store Envy link) and Catstacher (Etsy store link). – Special shout-out to Nabi, blogger at One Tiny Dinosaur (check out her Facebook and Insta) for some gorgeous pics of our brunch… and for her amazing BUTTS glasses.

Our raffles were out of this world! Each prize went out with a custom Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction composition notebook. Items included character gift sets – Funkos, Dorbz, keychains, and blind box items; the Bob’s Burgers Official Cookbook; Bob’s Burgers MadLibs; and a restaurant storefront print by Majestic Posters (Etsy shop link).

*Note: Officer Cristy has gotten a lot of questions about that Tina Squad Goals dress. You can find it on Redbubble .

GGB Do Better

Alongside the brunch-themed swag were also a few items that – while adorable and fitting the GGB geek-inspired fashion – we came by through donating to our favorite local causes. Cobra and GI Joe themed mini-prints were made and provided by The Finest: GI Joe Costume Club’s Task Force 27 upon donations to the charity K-9s for Warriors. Buttons from the Good Luck Cat Cafe were also included for donations to the cat cafe in Wilton Manors. This donation supports two animal rescues, Good Karma Pet Rescue and Lady Luck Animal Rescue.

Florida Supercon Meet-up

Brunches are only one of the events the GGB-FTL chapter plans for our gang. On the last weekend of July, the officers rallied some of our ladies at the Florida Supercon for meet-ups and general con-hangs. A particular shout-out to Officer Aurora who worked throughout the con at the Lauderdale Comics booths and to our rockstar bruchettes who survived every second of the madness to take pics with stars and Star Wars baddies, get comics signed, and buy absolutely everything in sight! Angela and Alexis, you guys are everything! Brunchette Becca was also there, working the con like a boss.

As a special note, the officers wanted to spread the word on some of the amazing artists and vendors we shopped with at the con. Some of their goods will show up (and some already have) at our brunches, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the small businesses we support and that support us than to mention them here.

Next month’s brunch is sure to be just as awesome and exciting because it’s our chapter’s birthday brunch! September 2017 will mark a full year of Ft. Lauderdale Chapter’s representing geek girls in the 954 area code. Our celebration theme will be all things Harry Potter.

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