GGB Youngstown – All Things Disney

GGB Youngstown – All Things Disney

All things Disney were celebrated at Geek Girl Brunch Youngstown’s third get-together on June 24, 2017. We ate at Cafe 422 in Boardman.1 

Our brunchettes – and even our servers – wore princess crowns on their heads as we had the brunch. It was great to see some faces for the first time! Sam created our very glittery Disney castle photo backdrop that was very popular with the girls.

We had a lot of fun talking about the Disney movies we have seen and have not seen, as well as recent geeky experiences we’ve had at conventions and whatnot.

The game for this month’s brunch was an incredible challenge that involved identifying the animal companion of a Disney character and the movie the companion and character were in. Danamarie comes up with the best quizzes for us and this was no different. She also comes up with the prizes for our brunchettes. The prizes were in different packages: a Disney Villains package, a Beauty and the Beast package, a Disney Sea prize (Moana and The Little Mermaid), and Disney Random prize (Aristocats, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland).

Some of our brunchettes really know their Disney companions! It was very impressive since many of the movies were not the more popular films. There was a lot of “I know this!” and “I can’t remember their name!” going on.

Ultimately, our winners were Jen, Heather, Maus, and Alyssa.

We had a ton of fun at our Geek Girl Brunch and would love for more geeky women in the Youngstown area to join us!

1. Despite our past brunches taking place in Boardman, we really are going to eat in other locales around the Youngstown area!

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