GGBPrescott: I, Myself, Am Strange and Unusual.

GGBPrescott: I, Myself, Am Strange and Unusual.

Here in Prescott, we pride ourselves on being “Strange and Unusual”! To follow Halloween, it seemed perfect to delve into the dark fantasy of Burton films.    In November, we gathered at Frannie’s Frozen Yogurt shop which provided a lovely selection of treats, coffee, and frozen yogurt for our Brunchettes to enjoy.   It is also a beautiful location facing the Prescott Square: the epicenter of our little town and right next to Whiskey Row!  Whiskey Row is on our Main Street and is dedicated to bars primarily, shops, and museums.


One of the contributing reasons to our choice of theme was the simple concept:  I, Myself, am Strange and Unusual.  We are all unique, weird, different, or quirky; it doesn’t matter who you are referring to.  Tim Burton has a knack for recognizing the weird and because of this his work is more approachable to the masses. I think that is partly why so many of us fan girl out about so many of his films.

The afternoon was spent discussing the many films of Tim Burton.  We shared our favorites respectively and it was fun to see that there were many different favorites.  Nightmare before Christmas was a crowd favorite and we had a blast discussing his many others that are not as well known.   Burton’s dark and funny approach to cinema was collectively appreciated and loved by all of us.  Mischief was had during our White Elephant exchange, but everyone left with a cute prize.  This was our second event since our launch and it was nice to have a few new members.  As a result,  our gathering a success!  We hope you enjoyed your Wonka Bars with a Golden ticket.


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