Harry Potter, Hogwarts Holiday GGB Prescott December 2016

On an evening in December, Hogwarts relocated to Prescott, AZ!  We love Harry Potter!  Students from each of the Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin gathered for our third event .   Significant others joined us for a magical evening of fun to celebrate the holidays.

Prescott Brewing Company, PBC, is one of our longest running breweries in Prescott and it continues to provide a wonderful selection of beers (their Christmas City Ale is delightful), food, and atmosphere.  We reserved the second floor for this event and transformed it into Hogwarts.  As well as having Hogwarts in Prescott, the holiday spirit was infectious due to the beautiful view of our Court House Plaza.   Downtown Prescott is decked top-to-bottom in festive lights and holiday decor providing a beautiful view.

House Points


Death Eaters in the flesh.

In addition to providing a lovely atmosphere, their competitive natures were brought out.  Throughout the evening, our Hogwarts Houses were vying for house points.  We had a few timed games: word searches, trivia, and Harry Potter Bingo.  Throughout the evening, Death Eaters lurked around each table.  The game was to guess who had the Dark Mark.

Books: The Gift That Keeps Giving.

There are many literary figures who place a lot of value on books, Hermione Granger being one of the most noteworthy in recent years.  We concluded our evening with a book exchange and the announcement of house points.  So, the Brunchettes each brought a wrapped book.  In addition to the book exchange,all attendees left with a House bookmark and House bow!

The Winner!

Finally it was time to end the evening: house points were tallied and we had our winning house.  Congratulations to Ravenclaw!  We also awarded a prize to the student that earned the most points for each house.  It was a wonderful evening and everyone left with a smile on their face!




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