GGB San Antonio’s Whedonverse Brunch

GGB San Antonio’s Whedonverse Brunch

In May, the lovely ladies of the San Antonio Geek Girl Brunch chapter joined together to celebrate all things Whedoverse aka creations by Joss Whedon. We embraced the love of Joss doing everything he had across Buffy, Angel, Fray, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, Toy Story, Cabin the Woods, Much Ado About Nothing, and the first two Avengers movies.

On the bright, shiny morning of May 7th, we gathered across town at a brand new location: Golden Wok, for Chinese Dim Sum, in surroundings, that very much called to the Mandarin echoes shown all through Mr. Whedon’s Firefly show. We reserved two large tables for our girls to sit at rounds in, and each place was set as per usually with a coloring sheet which on one side showed Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly, on the other the main trio Buffy Summer, Willow Rosenberg, and Xander Harris from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

The girls as per usual showed up in their best-related show related shirts and accessories, and we loved it all.


The meal focus for our brunch, and purpose in choosing Golden Wok for the day, was a renown and amazing brunch of Dim Sum. Dim Sum, for those who haven’t gotten to experience the wonder yet, is a delightful style of Chinese food where everything is prepared in bite-sized portions and delivered on carts the staff push around from table to table, and display from inside gorgeous little steamer baskets.

It was a great hit with our girls, as many of them spent their time arranging what to swap with each other, and calling out excitedly about what they wanted from each of the new waiters/servers who came to our table with each new round of mouth water options.


One of the best parts of our Whedonverse Brunch we’d gotten to hint about to our girls through social media for the second half of April and through the beginning of May up to our brunch: a new partnership for the San Antonio Chapter with Fanmail, The Bimonthly Geek Subscription Box for Women!

Fanmail reached out to us as their newest GGB Chapter to partner up with and supported the coming Whedoverse Brunch (even through some rocky, behind the scenes changes last minute) with amazing aplomb and fantastic donations for the girls to enjoy, which they found when we got to our raffle period of the night. Each girl got one of the three art prints donated, and one girl each won a Fanmail calendar and a Fanmail Buffy The Vampire Nail Set.


We, also, had as per our usual a round of donated raffle piece from our own members as well, which were delightful won!



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