GGB Berlin Free Comic Book Day(s) 2017

GGB Berlin Free Comic Book Day(s) 2017

The nice thing about “Free Comic Book Day” in Germany is that there are actually two!
The international version like everywhere else on the planet. Then, a week later, a national one, to celebrate german publishers and artists. So GGB Berlin was on full comic book mode two weekends in row. And of course, as the grand finale a brunch was involved.

From huge book store chains like Thalia to a lot of tiny little gems catering for the more aquired taste , Berlin comic fans are able to find almost everything they like. Free Comic Book Day is well established. And those dealers selling foreign ( f.e. english 😉 ) comics participate in both events, national and international. Good for us Geek Girls, the more the better!

For the international weekend, officer Petra was supported by her offspring, also dedicated comic fans (obviously her mothers hard work to get them hooked seems to pay off). The international brunch of Grober Unfug was the destination and provided substantial reading material. A bit of pocket money was spent as well but..hey don’t they say “Support your local heroes!” This was more a small family affair but still considered a Geek Girl Brunch Event, because we spread the word and chatted with a lot of fellow female comic lovers. Mission accomplished!

A week later more ladies were involved. For we all have different places we usually love to go, we dicided to meet up later. So every bruncherette could take her time to dwell on her special interests.  As a bonus, waiting in line for the comic shop to open got us  new members. Good to always have some flyers at hand.

Later our brunch took place at Atame Tapas Bar , exactly what we needed after a long hunt for comics.  Comparing our treasures and chatting about the day while eating through a variety of delicious tapas was great. Looking forward to next year!

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