GGB DFW Magical Girl Brunch

GGB DFW Magical Girl Brunch

We had a spectacular Magical Girl brunch this month! Brunchettes gathered at a GGB officer’s house this month for some amazing food, drinks, and conversation. Danita had decorated her house with all sorts of magical and sparkly items! For example, we were welcomed at the door with sparkling pinwheels. There was also anime playing in the background during brunch.

Brunchettes had fantastic costumes for this month’s theme. The ladies had so many adorable takes on Sailor Moon and other magical girls. Many of the girls have so many adorable accessories that were perfect for our theme this month. We even had a punk Sailor Mars!

The food was magical as well; everything was delicious! There were tiny pancakes, breakfast tacos, salad, frittata, yogurt parfait, and more. Everything was served on tiny jeweled sticks so we could feel more sparkly. There was a coffee and hot chocolate station with cookies and chocolate marshmallows. Of course, there were mimosas as well! Everything was labeled with adorable sparkly labels.

Our raffle this month was very popular. We had some excellent items from Espionage Cosmetics, and we also had some items donated to us by ThinkGeek. The grand prize this month was this lovely, sparkly skirt – so appropriate for our theme! Many of the ladies who didn’t win it decided to buy it anyway, because it’s just that sparkly.

The grand prize!

Next month, we’ll be meeting for a Game of Thrones brunch just in time to discuss the season opener! We will meet at one of our favorites, Via Real, on July 23, from 12-2:30pm. Via Real has a marvelous Sunday Brunch buffet, including chocolate fountain dessert, that you won’t want to miss.  Bring your dragons, pet theories, costumes, and house rivalries. And remember, even though it’s the middle of Texas summer, winter is coming!

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