Poses 2 Pints in Stratford, CT!

Poses 2 Pints in Stratford, CT!

Geek girl brunch’s Fairfield chapter had a rather relaxing Sunday at Connecticut’s own Two Roads Brewery.

Two Roads hosted a “Poses 2 Pints” event, where yogis of all skill levels could join for an yoga class to stretch and meditate away the previous week. After you’ve stretched your stressed away, enjoy a beer or two in the draft room afterward. Two of the girls who came were new to GGB events, so a warm welcome was had. We had a great time during class laughing about how close we got to another brunchette’s behind or the difficulty of the poses. Plus, hearing some of the other folks in class grunting and struggling made us laugh and feel a bit better about our skills.

We worked up enough of a sweat in the class to justify a beer or two, and to realize that we should all do more yoga. The class was wonderful, with our ~50 other yogi buddies we didn’t overheat or feel too cramped.  We’re already so excited to take another class there during the summer. Two Roads hosts Yoga in the Hops yard with the same yoga teacher. Become one with the beer…

The class did included a tour of the brewery itself, but we were all hungry and rather excited at the prospect of the food truck planted conveniently outside the brew house. Enter the rice bowls and chicken burgers from Hapa, plus a nice cold beer? We were stoked.

With tasty food in hand, we picked from a selection of delicious IPAs, Goses, Saisons & Hefeweizens to enjoy while playing some tabletop games. The best thing about the Two Roads drinking room? You can camp out and drink beers all afternoon, bringing your own food and entertainment. We played The Resistance (which caused some friendly animosity towards our fellow brunchettes) and a rousing round of Tempurra before a few of our members had to leave. Then, a quick game of Pirateer and ended the afternoon comparing notes on video game consoles, Pokemon Go and comics.

We all had such a great day, we feel refreshed and nourished. We could certainly see ourselves hosting another event in the Two Roads space sometime very soon. Cheers from GGB Fairfield!


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