No One Brunches Like GGB! GGB Baltimore Does Disney

No One Brunches Like GGB! GGB Baltimore Does Disney

It was an absolutely beautiful Sunday morning when the ladies of GGB Baltimore swarmed Towson to see a tale as old as time; Beauty and the Beast and to get brunch of course. We first met to see the movie, after all who can beat the early bird special when it comes to ticket prices. The movie was absolutely phenomenal, taking bits and pieces from the original tale of Beauty and the Beast as well as mixing it when the original Disney cartoon from 1991. There were some mixed feelings on the singing talent in the movie, but over all it was very well received by all the ladies that came out to see it. This officer though thinks the best moment came near the end of the movie when Gaston was telling lies to the Beast about what Belle said and a little girl a few seats away was yelling out ‘He’s lying Beast, don’t listen to him!’, by far one of the cutest moments of the day.

Naturally, after the movie, the ladies of GGB made their way over to World of Beer. The restaurant was great and welcoming, the service really above and beyond. I would recommend coming back for not brunch though. Even though the food was good, it just wasn’t above and beyond for brunch fare. That said the mimosas were absolutely delicious! Seeing as we were at World of Beer, it wasn’t surprising that most of the menu items had beer in them in some form or another, brunch included. They offered both beer battered pancakes and beer battered waffles, complete with a maple bourbon syrup.

As always whenever we meet for Brunch, the conversations were great, mainly focusing on Disney news this week. Everyone was on the same page with how diverse the cast was for Beauty and the Beast, even comparing it to the original voice actors from the 1991 version. Though the steps have been small, Disney has been doing better over the years to make sure their casts have been diversified and have been made sure to fit the regions that their movies are based off of, Moana being a perfect example seemed to be the general consensus.

Sadly, as always, brunch did have to come to an end and the ladies left with a Disney Princess themed Swag goodie cup. See you all next month on 4/22/17 at Maggie’s Farm for our much anticipated Doctor Who theme Brunch!!

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