GGB Pittsburgh’s Crazy Cat Lady Brunch

GGB Pittsburgh’s Crazy Cat Lady Brunch

We returned to the Grand Concourse this February to celebrate all things cats! We’re all crazy cat ladies inside, let’s not deny anything here. Whether you actually hate cats or are more of a dog person, if you’re in GGB, you probably possess the soul of a crazy cat lady. This was one of our largest brunches to date, coming in at over 30 Brunchettes in attendance! More and more new faces are joining the ranks, and we could not be happier to welcome them to our group. Brunchettes dressed in their most adorable cat attire, and above all we kept it cozy and comfortable.

The Grand Concourse has always treated Geek Girl Brunch well, and their huge and well-stocked buffet brunch is absolutely delicious. The made to order omelets…the multiple dessert tables…the waffles! And we cannot speak highly enough of their staff. They are always attentive and professional. Read about our last trip to the Concourse for our X-Files brunch, where the staff gave us an extra treat on our way out.

Every year we make sure to incorporate a #GGBDoBetter campaign into an official brunch. As part of our contribution this year, GGB Pittsburgh asked our Brunchettes to bring items to donate to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. The amount of items we received was astounding! It included 30 pounds of litter, 74 pounds of animal food, four leashes, five food bowls, and 100 cat toys. Wow. Thank you Brunchettes for making so many Pittsburgh kitties happy!

As a reward for bringing in donation items, Brunchettes received raffle tickets for this month’s swag. We raffled off so many goodies including a Grumpy Cat children’s book, kitty coloring book, hilarious stuffed animal kitty headbands, a slightly terrifying (seriously) cat pillow, Hello Kitty items, cozy socks, and more!

Pittsburgh has also recently had a cat cafe open up on Penn Ave., Colony Cafe. We punctuated our monthly theme with a small group visit to enjoy some coffee, wine, cocktails, and cafe treats while petting adorable cats. These cats are also up for adoption, which makes walking out of the cafe cat-free almost impossible. Colony’s model allows for you to book a visit in advance to make sure you will have all the kitty time your heart desires!

In March we are getting into the Disney spirit with a Disney Princesses brunch and a trip to see Beauty and the Beast. And in April we’ll be diving into the Whedonverse AND hanging out at Tekko, Pittsburgh’s anime, gaming, music, fashion, and Japanese pop culture convention hosted by our Japanese Culture Society. This con is getting bigger and bigger every year. Come find our table and join in the fun!

Thank you to the Grand Concourse and the city of Pittsburgh for loving crazy cat ladies so much. Thank you to HQ for all your support. And of course, thank you to our amazing Brunchettes, both for your generosity and love for our community and for always bring the laughs and good times!

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