GGB Berlin – Carrie Fisher Memorial Brunch

GGB Berlin – Carrie Fisher Memorial Brunch

“She drowned in Moonlight strangled by her own bra!”

For our second brunch we decided to pay tribute to the beloved Carrie Fisher. End of last year the geek community was shocked by her sudden death. Not only known for her iconic role as Princess Leia, turned General in recent years, she was also a trailblazer for mental illness awareness and a celebrated role model with a lot of humor and wit. A great loss and we all will miss her. May the force be with her!

Due to a little winter pause we had to wait until March 12th for our next event. But even though it was a little bit late, it still seemed appropriate to pay our tribute.

We met at Café Düsselmaier, a lovely spot in Friedrichshain with a nice table in the back ideal for our geeky event. This time we went full deco mode and spruced the place up with Carrie Fisher memorabilia. Even a little bit of swag made its way on the table. Thanks to the lovely ladies of Seeweisschen, who lend us their button maker. It looked amazing and we made the waiter very envious who turned out to be a geek himself. Not to mention the two little kids next to us, who only had eyes for the light saber. But sorry guys, Ladies only!

We were extremly happy to welcome Lydia, one of our new members and proud owner of above mentioned light saber. And were even happier to learn that she works for  the famous Computerspiele Museum Berlin and as a game developer. Well, in the forseeable futur we sense some serious gaming themed brunches.

It was an extremly fun brunch and we are looking forward to our next event.

This happens, when you forget to take group pictures. 😛

The Berlin branch slowly gains momentum. The increasing numbers of registrations seem to prove that we were right and this city has a lot of geeky Ladies who want to meet each other.

Nerd on!

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