GGB Denton: Shadowhunters Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare fans took portals from the many Institutes to gather at the Downworlder North Branch Library in Denton to take part in Ivy Devi’s Shadowhunters Plan-a-Brunch. Ivy was also this month’s Brunchette of the Month, nominated by the officers for her continued brunch involvement and raffle contributions; for more about Ivy, check out her bio at the end of this blog.




This free event was a potluck featuring spicy cumin rice, pasta salad, fruits and veggies, sparkling cider, and some amazing desserts including vegan scones and chocolate pie! Our Shadowhunters enjoyed yummy food and fun Mortal Instruments inspired activities including Rune Bingo and Guess the Number of Rune Stones (both made by Officer Victoria). Each attendee also took home some awesome swag including Stele pens they created themselves (giving them the power to draw their own runes), a Rune Stone, and sweet treats.

We had some amazing raffle prizes up for grabs including Clary’s portal shard necklace from the show (made by Officer Seana), the first book in the Mortal Instruments series for our new Shadowhunters fans, three gorgeous prints by brunch planner Ivy Devi, and another member Plan-a-Brunch for September!

This brunch was also the first time members saw our new official Geek Girl Brunch Denton t-shirts and stickers, printed by Nice Dudes Servicing Craft. These bright blue shirts with purple and black screen printing are sure to stand out in a crowd and spread the word about GGB everywhere!

Attendees also got the opportunity to check out the library’s second hand book store and many took home new treasures! We might be seeing some of their new favorites at out upcoming 1st Anniversary and Blind Date with a Book event on April 9th. This second annual event was a hit last year and members insisted on a repeat. So, to celebrate our chapter’s 1 year anniversary, we will once again be wrapping our favorite books in paper and playing a hilarious game of book swapping. We will also be returning to one of our favorite locations, The Abbey Underground, who hosted us for our first book exchange and catered our Yule Ball.

Brunchette of the Month, Ivy Devi:

1. What was your first geeky interest? My first geeky interest was definitely Harry Potter, which I started reading when I was five years old. The books continued to be some of my favorite books as I continued reading them (and then watching the movies) throughout my life.

2. What are some of your favorite fandoms? Some of my favorite fandoms have to include Harry Potter, Shadowhunters, Doctor Who, Miss Peregrine’s, Hamilton (do musicals count?), Steven Universe, and too many others! I could go on and on!

3. Do you cosplay? If so what/who is your favorite? I cosplay some, but I haven’t done anything too fancy. My favorite cosplay was definitely my Black Widow cosplay!

4. What do you like to do in your free time (hobbies)? I love to read, sing, and draw. I could sit for hours and read, I love karaoke or singing along to music and harmonizing with it! As an artist, it’s also really nice when I can just draw whatever I feel like in my free time, outside of my commissions.

5. How did you hear about Geek Girl Brunch Denton? I saw the Yule Ball Facebook event and was super interested so I decided to go to the first brunch I could make and loved it!

6. If you could plan 1 brunch, what would the theme, location, and activities be? Well, aside from the brunch I just planned I would love a cartoon themed brunch with fandoms such as Steven Universe involved.

7. What else would you like us to know about you? As an artist, I take commissions for custom pieces of artwork.

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