GGB Phoenix – A Whovian Holiday Brunch

GGB Phoenix – A Whovian Holiday Brunch

Recently the Geek Girl Brunch Phoenix chapter hosted the last brunch of 2016! We ended the year with a Whovian Brunch at our local favorite Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub. This brunch was very special; it was our first co-ed brunch! Our brunchettes were encouraged to bring their favorite companion.

Whovian Brunchers sit at Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub

As the ladies entered the backroom of Rosie McCaffrey’s, they were greeted by an officer and given a nametag. There was a small table by the entrance with awesome homemade geek swag that included a custom made time gear necklace inspired by the TARDIS and a bowtie lavender sachet. Geek Girl Brunch Phoenix member Eileen Kane handmade these items for us, with much appreciation from the brunchers.

Time Gear Necklace and Bowtie Sachet

Each table had a decorative vase filled with holiday ornaments and fez hats, made by our Officer Amanda. Our brunchers passed around a Whovian themed “get to know you” sheet to learn more about one another and make friends. At the end of the night, each bruncher’s name was put into a fez hat for a random draw to win amazing Doctor Who swag.

TARDIS and Dalek Pillow Prize

The prizes were a handmade Doctor Who TARDIS vs. Dalek throw pillow and a tote bag full of Doctor Who goodies from Zia Records. Lastly, we couldn’t get over the amazing “hello sweetie” red velvet cupcakes topped with candy bowties, and marshmallow Adipose made by our Officer Stefanie. They were absolutely delicious.

Hello Sweetie Cupcakes with Candy BowtiesAdipose Marshmallow Treats

Each table was filled with fun and laughter. As the evening began to come to a close, we announced our next brunch! We’re excited for what 2017 will bring to the Geek Girl Brunch Phoenix chapter.

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