GGB Fort Collins – Super Mario Brunchers: Video Game Brunch

GGB Fort Collins – Super Mario Brunchers: Video Game Brunch

Our brunchettes voted on our theme and Video Games was the winner (by about one vote). Chapter Officer Jakki was especially enthusiastic about this theme and spearheaded the majority of the planning. (Sarah’s time will come…) Our gift bags included some candies, a Pacman charm and voucher for $1 off of an upcoming special event.

Our little goodie bags!

Brunchette Elizabeth also provided each lady with a themed coaster, a bookmark and a Pikachu box with a keychain inside of it. Once again, she outdid herself and we are so grateful for her contribution!

Elizabeth’s contribution!

We chose William Oliver’s Publick House for this brunch and it was indeed a wise decision. Not only was the atmosphere and the fare perfect for us, but we also found out later that we were not required to tip our waitress because she was paid a full hourly wage and received full benefits. WHAT. Amazing.

The ladies at William Oliver’s!

After our brunchettes arrived (several in fabulous cosplay), we did some ice breakers. Each lady had to introduce herself and discuss either her favorite video game or the video game she most recently played. This turned out to be an excellent discussion and several ladies wound up exchanging video game handles to play with each other online in the future.

Our following activity was based on a common internet meme where you select a character name and an attribute based on your name, birthday, etc to create a fantasy name for yourself. We created our own version, using names of badass ladies from history (pirates, queens, etc.). We then came up with a list of some humorous attributes and designations to make the game a little more fun. Each brunchette told us the 3rd letter of her last name, her birthday and her favorite color. We then combined the names, attributes and designations based on their answers and the ladies voted on which one was the funniest. The funniest fantasy name won a prize! Congratulations, Cassie!

Super Mario
Cassie with her gift bag for winning ‘funniest name’!

Our last activity was an interactive “Text-Based Video Game”. Based on the original computer video games from the 1980s, Jakki wrote an adventure game with 5 questions, each with 3 multiple choice answers – one answer would move you forward, one neutral and one would get you killed. The brunchette that lived the longest would win. Erica successfully completed the entire game and won the next gift bag!

Super Mario
Erica winning her epic loots!

Finally, we pulled our raffle prize winner (Harmony) and announced our next Brunch theme set for January: Share the Love: Underappreciated Fandoms.

Super Mario
Harmony won controller earrings and a necklace!

See you next time!

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