GGB Colorado Springs: Secret Santa Exchange

GGB Colorado Springs: Secret Santa Exchange

GGB Colorado Springs braved the winter weather and icy roads for a late, mid-afternoon brunch. During this brunch, we had 10 of our brunchettes participate in a Secret Santa Exchange. The brunch started on a hungry note where everybody brought a pot-luck food item to share while waiting for everybody to show up. We had eggs, hummus, sangria, mimosas, popovers, and more!

We gathered to play Oregon Trail: the Card Game. After a few rounds with so many players, we actually survived until the last brunchette showed up! Great timing 🙂 After the brunch, many of the brunchettes actually went out and bought the card game themselves to bring to their own families so there was a lot of Holiday Spirit with the game and the gathering.

After the card game, everybody gathered downstairs to play the Saran Ball Unwrap game. We were all in a circle and one person would have to unwrap the saran wrap layer by layer to get gifts and the person to the left would roll dice until they got doubles. After that, the Saran Ball was handed to the one who was rolling and this repeated. We started off with D8s but realized doubles were *really* hard to do so we went back to D6s. By the end, everybody had gotten a fun gift. There was Grumpy Cat, Batman, Deadpool, Star Wars, Dr. Who, and more geek fandoms in the Saran Wrap ball. Everybody had a blast!

After that, we got to open our gifts. We started with Erin, one of our GGB Colorado Springs Officers, and went around in a circle. After opening the gift, we’d each get 2 guesses to figure out who our Secret Santa was. We used for our Secret Santa draw, which also accounted for who we got last year so it’d be somebody new this year. Because we got to start the name draw over a month ago, many of our brunchettes got to make something crafty to share. By the end, everybody was happy and enjoying themselves from the shared fun and gift giving.

GGB Colorado Springs Officers are all hoping we can continue this tradition into next year! We’ll see you next time. In January 2017, we are planning to have a coffee house brunch in memory of all those we have lost in 2016. We hope you have a Happy New Year!

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