GGB Reno’s November Disney Brunch

GGB Reno’s November Disney Brunch

The Reno Chapter of Geek Girl Brunch paid tribute to all things Disney for our November brunch. Again a wicked bug going around unfortunately wiped out half of our RSVPs at the last minute, but the 5 proud Disnerds who were able to attend discussed everything from Snow White to Moana, Disneyland vs. Disney World, and of course eventually split off into a variety of geeky tangents. During introductions, however, we talked about our favorite Disney films and what Disney has meant to us throughout our lives.


Cheyenne’s Cheshire Cat suit wins brunch!

First time brunchette Cheyenne was the clear winner of brunch, arriving in this unbeatable complete Cheshire Cat outfit! She is a huge fan of Tangled, and is planning a trip to Disneyland with her boyfriend soon!

Officer Vanessa grew up on Disney movies and can recite a disturbing number of them, songs and dialogue. She’s very excited to take her 2 young children to Disneyland for the first time, although she thinks she’s going to cry with joy the entire time. Favorite Disney film? IT’S┬áSO HARD TO CHOOSE, but she did get to see Beauty and the Beast in theaters on 3 separate continents when it was first released. That and Tangled are probably her favorites but she loves so many of them!


Kayla & Connie

Kayla was our resident park expert as she used to work as Disney World. She said it was a fun experience but hard work. We all agreed that the standard set by Disney parks for customer service is unparalleled in the world and that even if it’s manufactured, it definitely makes people’s experiences more fun and magical. She wants to someday ride all the Tower of Terrors in the world, and is planning a trip to Disneyland next year. She’s devastated, though, that the Tower of Terror will be closed for the conversion to Guardians of the Galaxy! Her favorite Disney films are Aladdin & Tangled.

Cheyenne & Paola

Connie came as Kayla’s guest and is definitely a geek girl, so she fit right in. Her favorite Disney film is Bedknobs and Broomsticks. The first film she saw in theaters was The Lion King, and loves The Little Mermaid, for Ursula!
Paola grew up on Disney films dubbed in Spanish, and is often surprised to watch them in English and see how different they are, especially the jokes! Her favorite Disney movie is A Goofy Movie, but she also loves The Emperor’s New Groove (despite some glaring errors in ancient South American culture!). She loves Jane from Tarzan, who everyone agreed was terribly underrated.

As is traditional, we veered off on a variety of tangents, including multiple Star Trek ones, before we ended with a quiz in which we had to list as many Disney (not Pixar!) animated films, which is surprisingly hard to do under pressure, we found! Each of the winners went home with one of these adorable Tsum Tsums!

Of course, Paola won the Goofy!

Tune in next month, for GGB Reno’s December Star Wars Brunch!


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