GGB Fresno: Suicide Squad Lunch

GGB Fresno: Suicide Squad Lunch

GGB Fresno’s August meetup celebrated the long awaited release of the Suicide Squad movie! Most of our geek girls had seen the film prior to our event, so we met over lunch at The Mad Duck in Fresno’s Campus Pointe to share our thoughts on it. The internet had been abuzz with negative reviews. Yes, each of us had our own beef with the film, but overall, we still enjoyed it.


This time around, we welcomed three new members to our group – Michelle T., Gianna, and Laci! We got to know more about them over The Mad Duck’s delicious pub fare and craft beer. After the plates were cleared, we handed out our “Suicide Swag” bags. Each was filled with Harley Quinn Puddin’, colorful candies inspired by Harley’s “Property of Joker” jacket, and a cool pair of shades. The ladies loved them!

suicide squad brunchsuicide squad brunch

We finished off our lunch with a raffle. Michelle won our Joker pint glass (a perfect companion to the Harley Quinn shirt she was sporting) and Laci won our Katana Pop!, which she admitted to eyeing before we ate lunch! Before heading our separate ways, a lovely lady at the next table took a group photo of us. We all had a great time!


Next up for GGB Fresno:
Our next meetup will be on October 1st over Mexican food at Casa Corona in Fresno! The theme is Horror Book Exchange and we’re asking all attendees to bring a favorite new or used horror book to give to another geek girl. We’ll see you in October to kick off the Halloween season!

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