GGB Fresno: Co-Ed Harry Potter Brunch

GGB Fresno:  Co-Ed Harry Potter Brunch

Hogwarts is Our Home!

GGB Fresno celebrated the magical world of witches and wizards with our co-ed Harry Potter themed brunch at The Elbow Room. Our geek girls feasted on sandwiches, french toast, and other delicious brunch items and washed it all down with mimOsas, not mimosAs! The Elbow Room was the perfect spot to host our 20 guests. Our server sat us at a long group of tables on their outdoor patio complete with a fireplace. It was the closest we could get to the Hogwarts Great Hall in Fresno! Each of our guests received a London to Hogwarts ticket, a copy of some lovely Harry Potter themed artwork created by our geek girl Tiffany Allen, and a golden snitch ornament made by yours truly. I also created a “Have you seen this wizard?” frame and wands made from chopsticks for photo ops.


As part of the #GGBDoBetter initiative, GGB Fresno asked attendees to bring used video games to donate to Game Givers. It is a non-profit created by Max Rubenstein, a teenager from Georgia. Game Givers donates video games and consoles to children’s hospitals. Everyone who donated games was able to participate in our raffle with Harry Potter prizes donated by Tiana and I. Our generous geek girls donated a total of 35 video games and some lucky winners went home with a desk calendar, a Newt Scamander Pop!, a Gryffindor scarf, a Hermione Granger inspired necklace from TheCrownJulies (my Etsy shop), a bookmark and pen, and two handmade mini Monster Books of Monsters. We were so happy our old games will go to a great cause!

After brunch, most of us headed down the street to Maya Cinemas to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which we all loved! The theater even had a great photo op for us to take advantage of in the lobby!
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Tiana and I were surprised at the turnout for our event – this was our biggest meet up in the year and a half since we began our Fresno chapter. We welcomed 7 new members at this event! We thank for featuring GGB Fresno in an article on their website, which we think helped out with our higher numbers.

In early January, we hope to see everyone again for our Sherlock lunch! More details will be announced soon! The game is on!


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