GGB NOLA – “Chillin Like a Villain” & Walking Dead Party

GGB NOLA – “Chillin Like a Villain” & Walking Dead Party

In the spirit of Halloween we decided to have our October brunch with an evil flair. Naturally villains are the first thing that came to our minds and thus “Chillin Like A Villain Brunch” was born. Surprisingly, we were approached by a local restaurant called Amici to host our event with them. They’re promoting a new brunch menu and felt that our group would be the best test subjects…and we were! They housed us in their private event room upstairs atop a beautiful winding staircase. The room itself was HUGE!!! Simply breathtaking. Way more than we could ever have expected. The event coordinator Victoria and the two servers/bartenders were extremely nice and inviting!

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Our members REALLY came through this brunch!  We had tubs of amazing decorations from skulls to hanging bats and they arrived in their most impressive villainous costumes! There was Negan, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and more! They really embraced the spirit of the villain. When the food rolled out there was a silence across the room. Every mouth was full! The food was AMAZING!!! They have a wide variety of Italian food from omelettes to pizza to delicious salads!


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After everyone finished eating we had our raffle!!! The prizes we had this brunch seemed to have topped the last brunch with Pop! Funko toys and awesome make up products. Everyone really had an amazing time and we all agreed that we all needed to come back to Amici very soon! If you’re in NOLA, be sure to visit Amici…you won’t regret it!




We went from a day of villains to the night they premiered the most heinous villain of them all! Our brunchette Casey hosted a Walking Dead viewing party for us at her beautiful home. We were greeted by the most handsome and friendliest man (well, dog) ever. His name was White Fang and he was the sweetest special guest. Casey’s home was decked out in an array of Halloween décor which really set the atmosphere. The food was yummy and we even had cupcakes that said the eerie saying Negan uses to pick who Lucille will kill in the show!

img_0033 img_0035

When it came time for the show we all sat down with intense anticipation. We were all super nervous. The show was amazingly depressing and sad but we kept it light by live tweeting Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead during the show. It was definitely a great thing to be surrounded by friends for such an intense event. We laughed, we cried, we took Negan pics!


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