GGB Reno’s October Cosplay Brunch

GGB Reno’s October Cosplay Brunch

It’s no secret that there are few things geek girls love as much as cosplay! And what better time of year is there for cosplay than Halloween? With that in mind, the Reno chapter of GGB chose to hold a full-fledged cosplay brunch for October. We had six geek girls in attendance, all in complete costume (sadly, we had a record number of last minute cancellations due to a nasty bug going around). During introductions, we discussed our current costumes as well as ones we’ve done in the past. We also talked about future costuming projects we’d love to do.

Brunchettes Kayla, Lindsay, & Christie!

Kayla came dressed as a Lady Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. She made waves during the Reno Comic-Con last November when her family attended as characters from Mad Max Fury Road – some of the brunchettes remembered seeing her and being so impressed! As big video game fans, she and her husband gravitate towards game-themed costumes, such as Halo, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect.

Christie delighted as Tina from Bob’s Burgers (and ordered a very appropriate lunch of baked ziti!). She has previously done such epic cosplays as “All of Time and Space” (her first), Han Solo, and Galaxy Quest.

Lindsay came as Green Lantern, and earned extra points for the fact that she came directly from church where she had her costume on underneath normal clothes the entire time! Her first cosplay (or so she thought!) was last year when she put together a steampunk Ghostbuster outfit as part of a family group costume. She even turned her littlest one into Slimer! At the end of her intro, she remembered that she also previously dressed up as Jem, much to Erin’s excitement!

Officers Erin & Vanessa actually met at a costume party!

Co-officer Erin came as Joyce Byers (although she left her Christmas lights at home!). Her first cosplay ever was American McGee’s Alice. She and co-officer Vanessa actually met at a costume party, where Erin was Harley Quinn and Vanessa was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! She’d love to do costumes for Rey, Cowboy Bebop, Kiki, Furiosa, and everyone agreed that she and her husband could pull off a great Jessica Jones and Kilgrave!

Co-officer Vanessa has been making and wearing costumes for as long as she can remember (and before). Her mother is an exceptional costume maker, so she grew up with some pretty epic costumes throughout the years, and she’s continued this trend through to her own young children. She debuted her newest costume – Avatar Korra – at this brunch and has made everything from Lady Lando Calrissian and Samara from The Ring to Wednesday Addams and the Bride of Frankenstein. She even had a costume wedding and got married as Princess Leia! The list of costumes she’d like to make is many pages long.


Vanessa feels so guilty that she missed taking a full shot of Grace’s Kiki costume 🙁 It was awesome!

Grace came as an impeccable Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. She’s done costumes throughout the years of various fairies, sorceresses, goddesses and the like, but Kiki is her first character costume. She loves anime, but would really love to do group costumes for Doctor Who and also Daria. She goes all out for costumes for her kids, too!



This brunch was particularly fun because we were able to reminisce about geeky things from our past, and also aspirations for the future. It’s such a great thing to be able to hang out with geeky ladies who aren’t afraid to dress up in costume for a brunch on a random Sunday!

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