GGB Indianapolis – Favorite Fandom Brunch

GGB Indianapolis – Favorite Fandom Brunch

For one day, we traded in pi for geeky cheesecake, and it was glorious. On November 12, img_20161112_124026008Geek Girl Brunch Indianapolis met up at the Greenwood Park Cheesecake Factory for a meal representing our favorite fandom. Be it gaming or Hogwarts, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Funko POP!s, Veronica Mars or Mr. Robot, each facet of culture-driven nerdery could find a home between layers of decadent cream cheese frosting…

We discussed the opening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, decided whether or not we wanted to dive into Arrival and Dr. Strange (the answers, almost resoundingly, “Yes.”) and obsessed a bit in the wake of N7 Day.

One brave brunchette even climbed a red velvet cheesecake mountain in the name of Eternia.  More on that later, but rest assured, it was too pretty to post a tiny flag on.

img_20161112_124152728After general chatter and many fried potatoes, we boldly trekked to the newly opened ThinkGeek store at the Greenwood Park Mall.  Did you realize you needed twin sculptures of Rocket Raccoon and Groot?  Were you aware a BB-8 floor lamp would really tie the room together?  Well you know now.

10688Kirsten cherished her husband by way of a 12 sided die mug.  Jen wanted to drink from the head of a Funko Groot coffee cup.  Officer Sarah was told to put Hufflepuff socks back for her Christmas wish list, but did abscond with a pleasantly purple Skeletor tee shirt.

The POP! wall was an instant favorite – truly impressive and a fun backdrop for selfies.  Steven Universe plushies both exist and enthrall.  Hermione’s Time Turner could be yours outside of Diagon Alley.img_20161112_124017983_hdr

img_20161112_130325012There really is something at the storefront for every geeky inclination and we’d heartily recommend padding your consumerist dreams (and life registries) there.

For our next outing – likely January, 2017 – we would like to work with local non-profits for a #GGBDoBetter event.  We are looking for area donation drives or volunteer opportunities and are currently scouting.  If you have a preferred charity or cause, or would like to join us to put some extra good out into the universe, please contact us.  We’d love to give whatever we can, for and with as many people as we can.

Until next time…

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