The Geek Girl Sitter’s Club – GGB Savannah

The Geek Girl Sitter’s Club – GGB Savannah

The theme for this month’s Geek Girl Brunch was, “The Geek Girl Sitter’s Club,” which celebrated any and all literature that influenced us and helped us grow during our tween/teenage years. Everyone has books that changed who they were as a person; be it historical non-fiction, comics or even romance novels and this was our way to share a piece of our childhood with each other.


Our event was held at the Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar, which is the restaurant inside of the lovely Brice Hotel in downtown Savannah.


Shortly before the brunch, co-officer Samantha decided to make a sign to help direct the members towards the specially reserved room through the hotel, and the hotel staff were kind enough to locate an easel to prop up the sign with! To organize this brunch, Samantha and Meg worked closely with the hotel’s Events Co-ordinator, Brittany Tufts who went above and beyond making sure that our every need was taken care of.


Our group had reserved the Sassafras Room, the Pacci’s elegant but modern banquet room. Since the team at the Pacci knew the theme of our event, they surprised us by decorating the tables and window sills with stacks of books and candles.





img_8282The officers had a lot of fun picking out the menu to be tailored for such a large group, and were happily surprised to discover upon arrival, that the restaurant had printed out specific menus for our brunchettes! The appetizers were being served family style, and included a huge caprese salad, Italian donuts with berries and a hummus tray that included a bruschetta and chicken liver pate!





Sitter's ClubIt was a particularly relaxed brunch for our group. Ren, was our first Geek Girl to ever cosplay for one of our brunches and we were SO happy! This was her, ‘thrown together Slytherin girl,’ which we all fawned over. Ren is a fashion professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and she also professionally cosplays on the side, so we’ve all been extremely excited to see what she has up her sleeve! One new member, Gillian, had only been a member of GGB for one day, and while she wasn’t able to attend the brunch, she still stopped by to introduce herself and say hi to everyone, which we all thought was awesome!


                 img_8296 img_8299img_8298          

Once we’d all had some time to get our munch on, we went around the table and each spoke about books which had impacted our lives greatly, growing up. To name just a few, we spoke of; Garth Nix, the Harry Potter series, ‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Scary Stories,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ Madeline L’Engle, Stephen King, the list goes on! We even had our first cosplayer, Ren, who did a fantastic job. It was a lot of fun to revisit all the fantastic memories of books we had loved so much.


Sitter's Club

The Pacci did an incredible job taking care of us and we couldn’t have been happier. We were very happy to have found a place in Savannah which could accommodate a group as large as ours and treat us all like queens.

Geek Girl Sitter's Club

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