Fantastic Brunches and Where to Find Them: GGB Baltimore Goes Magical!

Fantastic Brunches and Where to Find Them: GGB Baltimore Goes Magical!

It was an extremely blustery Sunday when the ladies of GGB Baltimore ventured out to celebrate all things magical in the Fantastic World of Harry Potter. The first stop on this magical day took us to Union Jack Pub in Columbia, MD; a perfectly themed British Pub. Brunch was not on the menu today, but lunch and a movie ended up working to our advantage. We had some new bright and smiling faces join us this month and we hope to see them next month! Many of our ladies enjoyed authentic British spirits as well as the most traditional Fish and Chips; that came complete with the newspaper underneath their meal.

fantastic brunch         fantastic brunch

After lunch and many wonderful discussions we made our over to Columbia Mall to kill some time before Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them played. Wandering the mall brought us to a small, geek themed store called ‘Box Lunch’. Many hidden treasures of all things geek from Disney to Harry Potter were found inside. What was interesting, yet amazing about this store was that for every $10 purchased, a portion of that was donated to the local food bank. I know quite a few of us will end up going back soon to do that alone.

Around three was when the remaining Brunchettes headed over to the movie theater to finally see FBaWtFT! This officer knows that seeing the WB logo and Title Card brought tears to my eyes because I never thought I would see that on the big screen against after Part 2 of Deathly Hallows came out. The movie was absolutely phenomenal. It certainly had a different tone compared to the first Harry Potter movies, especially since it wasn’t based on just Harry but more the universe of the book series. It was still quite magical though, because it allowed us to see another side of the Wizarding World that we haven’t seen before and that in itself was amazing.


In short, despite the wind trying to blow us all away, the first brunch after our year anniversary was a great one! See everyone next month for our Ugly Sweater/Geeky Mug exchange!

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